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Balkan Front was the first Europa game I played. I was stuck in the Middle East sweating it out on a desert island when I decided to get the girl friend to go buy me a wargame that would take hours to play, be complex to learn and be enough of a distraction from the world around me while I was counting the days off to my next leave period.
With Wavell’s War upgrading Balkan Front, I thought take the opportunity to waltz the old mistress around the table one more time before her counters were replaced and the absurdly thin rule book consigned to the back of the cupboard rarely to be played with again.

With a new child demanding much of my time, Balkan Front remains the easiest game of the Europa Series to play, able to be knocked off in a few hours of beer and port and cigars, and more beer. So when I was able to get a free evening with my long suffering opponent, the battered old box was dragged out and set up for a showdown in the Balkans. I drew the Greek card and prepared to defend the home of Democracy against the Fascists.

Turn Reports

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