Game Settings

Game: Balkan Front
Scenario: Full Campaign
Optional RulesAll used
House Rules: No
Game Played: 2001
Axis Player:Robert Williams
Allied Player: N.N.

Balkan Front was the first Europa game I played. I was stuck in the Middle East sweating it out on a desert island when I decided to get the girl friend to go buy me a wargame that would take hours to play, be complex to learn and be enough of a distraction from the world around me while I was counting the days off to my next leave period.
With Wavell’s War upgrading Balkan Front, I thought take the opportunity to waltz the old mistress around the table one more time before her counters were replaced and the absurdly thin rule book consigned to the back of the cupboard rarely to be played with again.

With a new child demanding much of my time, Balkan Front remains the easiest game of the Europa Series to play, able to be knocked off in a few hours of beer and port and cigars, and more beer. So when I was able to get a free evening with my long suffering opponent, the battered old box was dragged out and set up for a showdown in the Balkans. I drew the Greek card and prepared to defend the home of Democracy against the Fascists.

Turn Reports

  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Nov I 40 - Axis player Turn Mussolini’s vision of a new Roman Empire is given birth on the rocky slopes of the Pindus Mountains as the might of the Italian Army begins its march to Athens. The immediate targets are Ioannina and the western coastal strip. In the mountains the Alpini divisions and supporting Infantry rabble are held […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Nov II 40 - Axis player Turn Italian reinforcements arrive from the mainland at Valona and Durazzo. In the eastern frontline, Koritsa is occupied without a shot being fired to the chagrin of the Greeks. The effort towards Egoumenitsa continues with the shattered defenders being chased further from the front line (5:1 -1 = DR). The town is seized […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Dec I 40 - Axis player Turn Bad weather slows the Italian drive to beef up the defenders in Arta with cavalry and Artillery caught short of the town. Elsewhere the foothills on the west of the Pindus Mountains are occupied by the invaders, providing a buffer to the defence. In the mountains around Ioaninna, Alpini and infantry try […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Dec II 40 - Axis player Turn Determined to spend Christmas in Ioaninna, the Italian Expeditionary force launches it’s biggest offensive to date through the snow filled passes on the annoying little battle group blocking its path but again fail (5:1 -3 = AS). Benito rolls about a bit and tells off Clara for laughing at him. Kastoria and […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Jan I 41 - Axis player Turn North-west of Ioaninna – the Greek battle group is finally destroyed, but not before aborting a Z-506B flying GS and inflicting a HX result (5:1 -3). This only opens up the road to Ioaninna and the Italian footsloggers shamble through the mountain passes onto the next Greek defensive position. Allied Player Turn […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Jan II 41 - Axis player Turn The Z-506B is repaired and sent to join a massive attack on Ioaninna by six Alpini and Infantry divisions and massive air support. The commander is confident of clearing the town with three times the strength of the defenders but weather and terrain causes the attack to become disjointed and the Greeks […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Feb I - Axis player Turn The Italians are limited in their options other than to continue to struggle through the passes to Ioaninna, suffering terrible losses that fill the casualty lists in the newspapers (5:1 -3 = EX). Allied Player Turn Crete and eastern Thessaly are left in the tender care of local militia and static troops, […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Feb II 41 - Axis player Turn Italian reinforcements enter the frontline. Depression has set in amongst the high command over the limited opportunities for forward movement. To demonstrate Italian supremacy in the Adriatic, the island of Kerkya is attacked across the straits, destroying the defending infantry regiment and allowing the motorcyclists of the 10th Bersaglieri seize the town […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Mar I 41 - Axis player Turn Panicked by the Greek offensive, the Italians attack with heavy air support and determination. Mussolini fails to exhort his men into feats of valor and the troops flee the resolute defence and stream away from the battle field in tatters (3:1 -3 = AR). Egoumenitsa is left undefended! Allied Player Turn The […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Mar I 41 - Axis player Turn A single attack is made along the coast to try and link up with the isolated forces. It is a total disaster and more ground is lost due to local unit commander negligence (at least that’s what the high command claimed 4:1 -2 = AR!). To deflect local criticism of the regime, […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Apr I 41 - Note: The players obviosly introduced a “Special Invasion turn” here. As to my knowledge of the rules, the Germans do NOT get an extra invasion turn in “Balkan Front” Axis Special Invasion Turn Berlin’s diplomatic response to Belgrade is sent via a flight of He-111 bombing the streets of the Yugoslavian capital. The outraged Nazi […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Apr II 41 - Axis Player Turn Troops in Yugoslavia race to join the fight in Greece, their advance blocked by Yugoslavians insisting they be allowed to surrender. The Italians attempt to take Kastoria but fail (AS) while the Construction Brigade is overrun by the LSSAH Division. This allows the DR and 2nd Pz Divisions to drive along the […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: May II 41 - Axis Player Turn The Germans withdraw most troops from the region leaving an Infantry Corps to attack the 19th Motorised Division and 43rd Palestine Construction Brigade guarding the road to Athens (9:1 -1 = DE). More units of the 7th Para arrive at Khania while German mountain trrops attack and destroy the 21st Greek Mountain […]
  • Game Report Balkan Front 1: Jun I 41 - Axis Player Turn The 5th Mountain is flown to Khania and Rethymon is seized by the Germans with Ground Support (3:1 -1 = DR) – the RAF Hurricanes are lost in air combat. Allied Player Turn With only a few units left, Eraklion is held by the Allies and the only fighting is over who […]