Scenario Settings

Game: A Winter War
Scenario: Full Campaign Game
Optional Rules: All used
Game Played: 2012/13
Game Lengh: 13
Game Turns played: 13
Allied Player: Gregory Bartels
Axis Player: Gregory Bartels

Turn Reports

  • Introduction - My first intention is to attempt to study & explore specifically the Winter War in its most updated Europa war game form, which is evidently in the SoS NTO Scenario. The goal here is to hopefully identify both the positive & negative features of the published SoS/AWW games, both in the context of the historical […]
  • Soviet Setup - As an initial study guide for the SoS NTO Winter War Soviet at startset-up we use the information in Sam Dahman’s “A Soviet Response tothe Finn Judgment,” in Europa #65. In a short article he presents aninteresting Soviet set-up, a good description of his Dec I 39 Sovietturn movements & activity, and a good summary. […]
  • Finnish Setup - At first we were interested in possibly combining the SoS Campaign forNorway Scenario with an updated historical FoF game and perhaps create akind of preliminary “basic Grand Europa” 1940 epoch battlescenario. However, the SoS NTO scenario caught our attention as perhapsan initial format to maybe somehow also include the Winter War campaign(aka the 1939-40 Russo-Finnish […]
  • Dec I 39 Soviet Turn - Beginning with the farthest north Soviet forces, the winterized 4-6 Inf XX 104 at remote & frozen rough terrain border hex 0402 moves one hex west, crossing the border into Finland, and enters the minor port of Petsamo at rough terrain Arctic Ocean coast hex 0304. It takes this inf XX four MPs to move […]
  • Dec I 39 Finnish Turn - In the reinforcement segment of the Finnish initial phase the 1-2-8 Ski X Rv is rebuilt using one of the three currently available regular inf repl points. Per Rule 40B1-Production, Finnish replacement built units may be brought in only at Helsinki. Later in the movement phase it rails from Helsinki to Finnish woods rail junction […]
  • Dec II 39 Soviet Turn - At the start of the new game turn the Soviet player rolls a 3 on the GE Weather Table, and so the weather is the same as the scenario’s Dec I 39 starting conditions per Rule 41G2: snow in zones A, B, & C, winter in zone D. A 3 is rolled on the Sea […]
  • Dec II 39 Finnish Turn - In the Finnish initial phase the 0-1-5 Const III Kan at clear terrain Gulf of Finland coast hex 4617 in the Karelian Isthmus begins building a two turn fort there. The resource point at adjacent Viipuri is expended. Also, early in the movement phase the Finns expend the resource point at Helsinki to add 2 […]
  • Jan I 40 Soviet Turn - The winterized 4-6 Inf XX 104 at Petsamo (0304) becomes red U-3 in the initial phase. At Murmansk are the 3-6 Inf XX 49, a pos flk unit, the light TF Flotilla-1, and the reinf 1-15 F type air unit. In preparation for an attack on the Finnish 1-6 Ski III 1/LR at Salla (1510), […]
  • Jan I 40 Finnish Turn - Beginning with the easiest sectors, the farthest north Finnish unit, the 1-6 Ski III 41 at wooded swamp road hex 1013, retreats southwards six hexes to wooded swamp rail/road junction hex 1516 on the Kandalaksha-Salla-Torino transportation line. It is maneuvering to possibly take the place of the imperiled 1-6 Ski III 1/LR at wooded swamp […]
  • Jan II 40 Soviet Turn - The Soviets roll a 6 on the weather die roll, and so it’s still Snow in weather zones A, B, and C. The Arctic Ocean is stormy and the sea is rough in the Baltic. The winterized 4-6 Inf XX 104 remains idle garrisoning Petsamo (0304); at Murmansk (0701) are still the 3-6 Inf XX […]
  • Jan II 40 Finnish Turn - The Finns begin their turn with an accumulated ½ sp inf replacement points. From their combat losses the last Soviet turn the Finns receive ¾ sp inf replacement points. They receive 1 inf replacement point as a reinforcement this turn. From their replacement pool they rebuild the *1-6 Ski III B and the 1-8 Ski […]
  • Situation Jan II and Errata - At least two minor errors have been detected so far in the Jan II 40 Soviet turn report posted at the EA. First, the Soviet 9-6 Art XX 1 is not supposed to advance after combat per Rule 37H5a-The Soviet Artillery Division. Therefore the dispositions of of the Soviet ground forces in two Karelian Isthmus […]
  • Feb I 40 Soviet Turn - At the start of their initial phase Soviets roll a 3 on the weather die roll: it’s Snow everywhere on map 35; it’s rough seas in the Arctic, calm seas in the Baltic. Also, per Rule 41G3d-NTO Scenario: End to Russo-Finnish War, beginning with the Feb I 40 Soviet initial phase, “…the Soviet player checks […]
  • Feb I 40 Finish Turn - The Finns begin their turn with ¼ accumulated inf replacement points. During the previous Feb I 40 Soviet turn combat phase the Finnish attack strength point loss was 6, which equates to 1 ½ Finnish special inf replacement points per Rule 40B4-Replacement Points. This turn the Finns receive another inf replacement point as a reinforcement. […]
  • Feb II 40 Soviet Turn - If one searches either the original AWW or the newer SoS rules for the Soviet replacement rate in Winter War Europa games, it will be in vain, I believe. Evidently the only replacements the Soviets get in either AWW or SoS NTO games are special (infantry only) replacements generated at 1/5 of the previous turn’s […]
  • Feb II 40 Finnish Turn - The Finns begin their turn with ¾ accumulated inf replacement points (RPs). They get 1 ½ special inf RPs for unisolated non-guerrilla losses incurred the last Soviet turn along with 1 reinf inf RP per the AWW Finnish OB. With this they rebuild the *1-2-6 Inf Cadre 11 and the 1-6 Ski III 1/LR from […]
  • March I 40 Soviet Turn - The Soviets roll a 1 for the weather die roll, so it’s Snow everywhere on map 35; eg., in weather zones A and B. To be sure, if we were playing the NTO scenario with all the SoS maps on this turn, it’d be Mud in weather zone C and N in weather zone D, […]
  • March I 40 Finnish Turn - Perhaps sometimes in both war and crisis diplomacy a country’s present actions are cut out for them by the circumstances; their course is set on rails that can go only one way. In the current war game, simulating now the Russo-Finnish Winter War at its climax, it seems to me the Finns this turn have […]
  • March II 40 Soviet Turn and Wrap Up - Per Rule 41G3d-NTO Scenario: End to Russo-Finnish War, “at the start of each Soviet initial phase beginning with the Feb I 40 Soviet turn, the Soviet player checks to see if his war with Finland ends. The war ends if Finland has at least 25 demoralization points [DPs]….” The Finnish DP tally is now 28: […]