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The Europa Magazine 67

The Europa Magazine #67 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #67 – Cover

(Vol.XII, No.3, 1999)


  • “Origins Report:Europafest Lite” (Commentary) Frank Watson
  • “From the Editor: Into the Woods” (Editorial) David H. Lippman
  • “The Way opf the Accountant: Holding the Westwall” (Strategy) Rich C. Velay (Second Front)
  • “Battlefield Report: Second Front Combined Operations – Some Plans from our Game” (Series Replay) Jeff White (Second Front)
  • “Home Front: Invasion! They’re Coming! – Frequently!!!” (Commentary) Merv Tierney (Second Front)
  • “Historical Background: Behind the Bulge” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • Europa Battle Scenario: The Battle of the Bulge – December 1944-January 1945” (Scenarios) James A. Broshot and Eric Pierce (Second Front)
  • Europa Side Trips: The Ultimatum” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • Europa Side Trips: At the Movies” (Historical)
  • “Home Front – Clash of Titans: Winterfest Report I” (Commentary) Greg Sarnecki (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth/Second Front/Balkan Front/First to Fight/A Winter War)
  • “Battlefield Report: Winterfest Report II” (Commentary) Ron Shown (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth/Second Front/Balkan Front/First to Fight/A Winter War)
  • Europa Aloft: Almost A Bridesmaid – The Douglas A-26 Invader” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • “Counterbattery: Castor and Pollux of the Waffen-SS – SS-Panzergrenadier Brigades 49 and 51” (Commentary) Jason Long (Second Front)
  • “Operations: A Sense of Proportion” (Strategy) [Peter Robbins
  • “Battlefield Report: NTO Replay” (Series Replay) Dean Moon and Mark Royer (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Rules Court: Questions and Answers Second Front, War in the Desert, For Whom the Bell Tolls” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay (Second Front/War in the Desert/For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • Europa Side Trips: The Malmedy Massacre” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)


The Europa Magazine 66

The Europa Magazine #66 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #66 – Cover

(Vol.XII, No.2, 1999)


  • “Company Briefing: Embellishments” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: “Thalassa! Thalassa!” (The sea, the sea!)” (Editorial) Peter Robbins
  • “Facts behind the Counters: The Hungarians in Barbarossa” (Historical) Jason Long
  • “Historical Background: New Zealand Errata and Bibliography” (Historical) Stefan Farelly
  • “Orders of Battle: The Romanian Armed Forces – 1939-1945” (Historical) Bradley Skeen
  •  “Europa Campaign Scenario: The Golden Fleece – Rommel in the Caucasus” (Scenarios) Bradley Skeen (Scorched Earth/The Urals/A Winter War/War in the Desert)
  •  “Historical Background: Operation Tanne – Axis Conditional Reinforcements in Scorched Earth” (Historical) Sven-Ake Bengtsson (Scorched Earth)
  •  “Europa Variant: Graziani’s Offensive Revisited” (Variant) Brian O’Connor (War in the Desert)
  • Europa At Sea: The Oldest and the Youngest – German “Bs” and “CVs”” (Historical) Dave Tinny
  •  “Battlefield Report: Storm Over Scandinavia” (Series Replay) Peter Ljungberg (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  •  “Rules Court: Sick or Slick? Siege Guns Over the White Cliffs of Dover” (Discussion) Peter Robbins (Second Front)
  • “Play Aids: Special Operation Planning Sheet” (Insert)
  • Europa Aloft: The Last Polish Fighter: The P.Z.L. P.24” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  •  “A Winter War: More Additions for A Winter War” (Variant) Gary Stagliano (A Winter War)
  •  “Rules Court: Q&A – Balkan Front to Brandenburgers” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay (Balkan Front/Storm Over Scandinavia/Second Front/Fire in the East)
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)


The Europa Magazine 65

The Europa Magazine #65 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #65 – Cover

(Vol.XII, No.1, 1999)


  • “Company Briefing:  Now It’s 1999” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “Designers Note’s: Narvik from the Europa game – Storm Over Scandinavia” (Designer Notes) Winston Hamilton (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Inside Europa: Storm Over Scandinavia: Increased Allied Capabilities” (Variant) John Astell and A. E. Goodwin (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • Europa Side Trips: Storm Over Scandinavia: Nordic Counter Colors” (Designer Notes) A. E. Goodwin (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Facts behind the Counters: French and Polish Units in Narvik” (Historical) Jean-Guy Rathe (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Historical Background: The North Atlantic Outposts in World War II” (Historical) A. E. Goodwin
  • “Orders of Battle: Allied Forces in Iceland” (Historical) A. E. Goodwin
  • Grand Europa Battle Scenario: Operation Icarus – Battling for Iceland, Germany vs. Britain (and possibly America), July – October 1940” (Scenarios) A. E. Goodwin (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Mapping Europa: A Quick Tour Around Iceland” (Historical) A. E. Goodwin
  • “Play Aids: Grand Europa Map – Iceland” (Insert) (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Play Aids: 4 Hour War Color Countersheet” (Insert) (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  •  “A Soviet Response to the Finn Judgement” (Commentary) Sam Dahman (A Winter War)
  • “Historical Background: The Swedish Armed Forces in WW II Part I – The Navy” (Historical) A. E. Goodwin
  • Narvik Expansion Module: The Four-Hour War – Expanding Narvik to include Denmark and the Danish Armed Forces” (Variant) A. E. Goodwin and Winston Hamilton (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Historical Background: The Swedish Armed Forces in WW II Part II – The Air Force” (Historical) A. E. Goodwin
  • “Play Aids: Play Accessory for NARVIK” (Insert) (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • “Play Aids: Storm Over Scandinavia Counter Inventory” (Insert) (Storm Over Scandinavia)
  • The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)

The Europa Magazine 64

The Europa Magazine #64 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #64 – Cover

(Vol.XI, No.6, 1998)

Note: This was a 25th Anniversary Special edition of the Europa Magazine containing reprints of various Europa magazines/newsletters first issue)


  • GDW Newsletter 1
    • “Europa revisionism” (Commentary) Unknown
    • “Operation Taifun: The German March on Leningrad and Moscow” (Scenario) Gary Stagliano (Drang Nach Osten! )
  • T.O – issue 1
    • “Spain and Portugal review” (Review) Bill Stone (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Congress Shall Make No Law” (Commentary) Unknown
    • “Operation Felix: Scenario, Commentary” (Scenario, Commentary) Bill Stone (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Spain and Portugal: Historical Background” (Historical) Bill Stone (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Unofficial” (Variant) Unknown (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Errata” answers by John Astell (Spain and Portugal)
    • “The Canary Islands” (Historical) Shelby Stanton (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Torch: A Prospectus” (Commentary) Unknown (Torch)
  • The Europa Newsletter 1 – Note: reprint of The Europa Newsletter 1, also reprinted in The Europa Newsletter 1-4 Special Reprint
    • “From the Editor” (Commentary) Ben Knight
    • “News from GR/D” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
    •  “US 1st infantry Division” (Historical) John Astell (Torch/Second Front)
    • “Red Desert – adding the Red Army to War in the Desert” (Scenario) John Astell (The Near East)
  • The Grenadier – issue 1
  • Nuts & Bolts – issue 1
  • – “Company Briefing: Twelve games in ’98!” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton


The Europa Magazine 63

The Europa Magazine #63 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #63 – Cover

(Vol.XI, No.5, 1998)

  • “Company Briefing: Happy Days are Here Again” (Commentary)Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Up Over Down Under” (Editorial) David H. Lippman
  • “Inside Europa: “Code Word” Units of the German Army” (Historical) John Astell
  • “Historical Background: New Zealand at War” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “Facts behind the Counters: 2nd New Zealand Division” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Aloft:: A Workhorse of the War – The Lockheed Ventura” (Historical) James Broshot
  • “Historical Background: New Zealand’s War Economy” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Variant: Optional Beginning to the Spanish Civil War” (Variant) Fred Helfferich (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • “Orders of Battle: 2nd New Zealand Division Losses and Replacements” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Battle Scenario: End of the Beginning – The Third Battle of El Alamein, October 1942” (Scenarios) Frank Watson (War in the Desert)
  • “Inside Europa: New Zealand Expeditionary Force OB” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly with help from Andrew Farrelly, David Ryan, David Hughes, Dave Lippman and Sgt. G.J. Thompson, RNZIR
  • Europa Side Trips: New Zealand’s Price” (Historical)
  • “Facts behind the Counters: New Zealand’s Non Divisional Units” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Side Trips: Howard Kippenberger” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)


The Europa Magazine 62

The Europa Magazine #62 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #62 – Cover

(Vol.XI, No.4, 1998)


  • “Company Briefing: This & That” (Commentary)Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: The European Civil War” (Commentary) Peter Robbins
  • “Inside Europa: The German Sturm Battalions” (Variant Discussion) John Astell (Second Front/Fire in the East/ Scorched Earth)
  • “Orders of Battle: German Operational Plans for Spain 1940 to 1944” (Historical) Harold Andrews
  • “Battlefield Report: For Whom the Bell Tolls: A Civil War Game Report” (Series Replay) Fred Helfferich (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • “Historical Background: The Condor Legion” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • Europa Contest: Attack on Gijon” (Discussion) Fred Helfferich
  • “Musical Europa: Songs of the Spanish Civil War” (Historical) Fred Helfferich
  • “Scenario Critique: Assaulting the Rock: Operation Felix” (Discussion) Peter Robbins and Rich Velay (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • “Play Aids: Replacement and Production Charts” (Play Aid) Bob Fulton (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • Europa Aloft: In Europa, it doesn’t get any worse than this: The Breguet 19” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • “Battlefield Report: Second Front Ohio-Style” (Series Replay) Ron Shown (Second Front)
  • “Battlefield Report: Second Front: ETO 1944 Scenario” (Series Replay) Blake Woodside, Peter Robbins and Kevin Schnetter (Second Front)
  • TEM Index: Spain in The Europa Magazine” (Index) (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • Europa Side Trips: For Whom the Bell Tolls – Ernest Hemingway” (Historical)
  • Europa Aloft: Allied and Axis Military Aircraft – September 1939” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • “Rules Court: For Whom the Bell Tolls Q&A” (Discussion) Rich Velay (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)


The Europa Magazine 61

The Europa Magazine #61 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #61 – Cover

(Vol.XI, No.3, 1998)


  • “Company Briefing: Aftermath” (Commentary)Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: The War between the Wars” (Commentary) Peter Robbins
  • “Orders of Battle – Fire in the East: The Finnish Air Force – June 1941” (Historical) James Broshot and Vesa Honkasaari (Fire in the East)
  • “Play Aids: A Winter War Replacement and Rail Capacity Worksheet” (Variant) Frank Watson (A Winter War)
  • “Historical Background: The Finnish Army 1939-1944: An Organizational History” (Historical) Jason Long and E. Goodwin
  • “Player’s Strategy: Judgement – A Winter War Setup” (Strategy) Ed Dickenson (A Winter War)
  • Europa Side Trip: Danforce” (Historical) Sven-Ake Bengtsson
  • “Battlefield Report: Finland Victorious: A Winter War game report” (Series Replay) Ed Dickenson (A Winter War)
  • “Player’s Strategy: A Winter War Initial Setup” (Strategy) Tim Statler (A Winter War)
  • Europa Variant: Swedish Intervention in A Winter War” (Variant) Sven-Ake Bengtsson (A Winter War)
  • Scorched Earth Variant: Swedish Intervention in SE” (Variant) Sven-Ake Bengtsson (Scorched Earth)
  • Europa Staff College: Rule 13 – Overruns” (Discussion) Rich Velay
  • Europa Variant: John Astell’s Proposed Variable Overrun Rule from TEM #40” (Variant) John Astell
  • “A Europa Battle Scenario: Operation Nordlicht – the German withdrawal from Lapland, October 1944 to January 1945” (Scenarios) Lars Wistedt (Fire in the East/ Scorched Earth)
  • Europa Aloft: Fokker’s next-to-last fighter: The D.XXI” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • Europa Side Trips: Fokker’s Last Fighter, David or Goliath?, Finnish First, 73 North” (Historical)
  • Europa Aloft: Wartime Aircraft of the Finnish Air Force” (Historical) Jason Long
  • “Battlefield Report: Scorched Earth With Rule Modifications” (Series Replay) John Madison (Fire in the East/ Scorched Earth)
  • “A Europa Variant: – Scorched Earth: Scorched Earth Without the North” (Variant) Deen Wood (Scorched Earth)
  • “Historical Background: A Little Too Well Aged: A Look at the Norwegian Army in 1940” (Historical) Jason Long
  • Europa at Sea: : German Battlecruisers” (Historical) David Tinny
  • “Rules Court: A Winter War Additions” (Discussion) Gary Stagliano (A Winter War)
  • “Rules Court: A Winter War Q&A” (Discussion) Rich Velay (A Winter War)
  • The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)


The Europa Magazine 59-60

The Europa Magazine #59/60 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #59/60 – Cover

(Vol.XI, No.1-2, 1997)


  • “Company Briefing: Bite Me” (Commentary)Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Risky Business” (Editorial)Frank Watson
  • “Inside Europa: Crating Air Units, Off-Map Movement, Q&A” (Variant Discussion) John Astell Second Front
  • “Home Front – Second Front: Some Second Front/War in the Desert House Rules” (Variant Discussion) Rich C. Velay (Second Front/War in the Desert)
  • “Battlefield Report: Second Front, British Columbian Style” (Series Replay) Peter Robbins and Rich C. Velay (Second Front)
  • “Point/Counterpoint: French Geography Lessons” (Discussion) Arnaud Delaunay and John Astell (Second Front)
  • “Operations: Second Front: Assault on Alderney” (Strategy) Alan Tibbetts (Second Front)
  • “Home Front – Second Front: The Southwest England Off-Map Area” (Variant) Alan Tibbetts (Second Front)
  • Europa Campaign Scenario: Operation Overlord – An Abbreviated Second Front Campaign Scenario” (Scenarios) Frank Watson (Second Front)
  • Europa Campaign Scenario: Victory in the West” (Scenarios) James A. Broshot and Frank Watson (Second Front)
  • Europa as History: The Battle for Normandy” (Historical) Frank Watson (Second Front)
  • TEM Index: The Europa Magazine Index, Issues #1 – 60” (Insert) Kurt Schletter
  • “Historical Background: U.S. Produced Aircraft – More Data” (Historical) Phil D. Hernandez
  • Europa Aloft: “Jug” is for “Juggernaut”: The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • “Play Aids: Second Front Counter Reprint Reproduction Supplement (Fronts)” (Insert) (Second Front)
  • “Rules Court: Second Front Questions and Answers” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay with John Astell (Second Front)
  • “Rules Court: Second Front Official Errata Addendum: 3 March, 1998” (Discussion) John Astell (Second Front)
  • “The Reader Always has the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)


The Europa Magazine 58

The Europa Magazine # 58 - Cover

The Europa Magazine # 58 – Cover

(Vol.X, No.6, 1997)


  • “Company Briefing: Some Details” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Playing at War” (Editorial) Peter Robbins
  • “Historical Background: Forging the Red Star” (Historical) Jason Long
  • “Home Front: The Europa Ground Operations System – Some Proposed Fixes” (Variant Discussion) John C. Gordon
  • Europa Side Trips: The Iron Cross” (Historical) Randy Moffat
  • “Home Front – SCORCHED EARTH: The Dual Standard for Soviet Armor” (Variant) Mark Swenholt (Scorched Earth)
  • “Battlefield Report: Scorched Earth, Australia style” (Series Replay) Michael Tapner (Scorched Earth)
  • “A Europa Battle Scenario: Lost Victories -the Stalingrad Counteroffensive” (Scenarios) Bradley Skeen (Scorched Earth)
  • Europa as History: Scorched Earth Historical Axis Setup” (Historical) William Russ (Scorched Earth)
  • “Historical Background: Soviet Infantry Weapons” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • Europa Aloft: Misfit MiGs – The MiG-1 and MiG-3” (Historical) Jason Long
  • “Historical Background: The Remedy” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “Orders of Battle: The Luftwaffe in Barbarossa” (Historical) Jason Long (Total War)
  •  “Rules Court: Fire in the East/Scorched Earth Questions and Answers” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)


The Europa Magazine 57

The Europa Magazine # 57 - Cover

The Europa Magazine # 57 – Cover

+(Vol.X, No.5, 1997)


  • “Company Briefing: Total War” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Introductions” (Commentary) David H. Lippman
  • “Inside Europa: Turkey and War in the Desert” (Discussion) John Astell (War in the Desert)
  • “Inside Europa: Thoughts on the Partisans” (Discussion) John Astell with Mark Royer
  • “Historical Background: Yugoslavia 1941-1945” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • Europa Variant: Neutral Yugoslavia” (Variant) Frank Watson (Balkan Front)
  • “Battlefield Report: Beleaguered Greece” (Series Replay) Ed Dickenson (Balkan Front)
  • TEM Index: The Balkans in The Europa Magazine” (Insert) GR/D Staff
  • “Battlefield Report: An Italian Blitzkrieg?” (Series Replay) Sven-Ake Bengtsson (Balkan Front)
  • “Home Front – Balkan Front: Halt! Who Goes Where? Examining the Hungarian Operational Area” (Strategy) Joe Pyland (Balkan Front)
  • “A Europa Battle Scenario: The Dodecanese Campaign, Disaster in the Aegean – September to November, 1943” (Scenarios) David Hughes ) (Second Front/Balkan Front/War in the Desert)
  • Europa as History: Dodecanese Adventure” (Historical) Frank Watson
  • Europa  Side Trips: At the Movies, About the Dodecanese” (Discussion) GR/D Staff
  • Europa Battle Scenario: The Macedonian War – Bulgaria Invades Yugoslavia, 1940” (Scenarios) Frank Watson (Balkan Front)
  • “Play Aids: Balkan Front Expanded Sequence of Play” (Variant) Martin Duke (Balkan Front)
  • “Battlefield Report: The Balkan Front Small Solution” (Series Replay) Ralf Schultz  (Balkan Front/Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • Europa Variant: Crete Solitaire” (Variant) Frank Watson (Balkan Front)
  • Europa at Sea: German Light Cruisers” (Historical) David Tinny
  • “Home Front – Second Front: An Alternative Naval Replenishment” (Variant) Peter Rogers (Second Front)
  • Europa Aloft: Under Six Flags – The Bristol Blenheim I” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • “Rules Court: Balkan Front Q&A” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay and Rich Gayler (Balkan Front)
  • “Rules Court: Balkan Front Errata, 1 December, 1997” (Errata) GR/D Staff (Balkan Front)
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)
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