Combined Arms was an Europa Newsletter by Flavio Carillo, published 1993-95 in Letter format and usually running between 14 and 16 pages. Despite its short run, contributions by well-respected Europa designers such as Jason Long and Charles C. Sharp and its thoughful tone made sure Combined Arms exerted a profound influence on the Europa community way beyond its lifespan. A lot of concepts discussed were later added to Europa or Great War-games.


Combined Arms #1, Nov/Dec 1993

Combined Arms # 1 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #1

  • Politics and Grand Europa – a Cautionary Tale – by Flavio Carillo
  • Is a Division always a Division? Soviet Rifle Corps in Europa. By Charles C. Sharp
  • Herr Doktor Professor Messerschmitt Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying, And Love Der Führer. By Jason Long



Combined Arms #2, Jan/Feb 1994

Combined Arms # 2 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #2

  • Depuy and Me. By Flavio Carillo
  • Grand Theft Europa: How to Steal Flexibility from Historicity. By Mark Pitcavage
  • A Modest Proposal: Non CRT Based Combat for Europa. by David Hughes
  • HEROs in Europa. By Charles C. Sharp
  • A Candlestick dips his Wick. by Jason Long



Combined Arms #3, Mar/Apr 1994

Combined Arms # 3 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #3

  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Supplying War in Europa. By Flavio Carillo
  • Grand Strategy and Grand Europa: A Visionary Response. By Russ Dumke
  • “Down at the Depot” – A Different Approach to Europa Supply. By Charles C. Sharp
  • Meeting Engagement – Letters to the Editor



Combined Arms #4, May/Jun 1994

Combined Arms # 4 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #4

  • Ours is But to Do and Die: British Armored Forces in WW II. By David Hughes
  • The Wehrmacht’s Not-So-Sweet Sixteen. by James A. Broshot
  • It Could have been a Contender: The He 280. By Jason Long
  • Meeting Engagement – Letters to the Editor



Combined Arms #5, Jul/Aug 1994

Combined Arms # 5 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #5

  • The British Armored Forces in WW II Part II: Getting it Right! By David Hughes
  • Ju-87R – Super-Stuka or Pipedream? by Jason Long
  • Red Forge: Rethinking Produktion in Europa. By Flavio Carillo
  • Grand Europa or Grand Disillusionment: A soteriological Rejoinder. By Russ Dumke
  • The Salamander That Never Received its Baptism of Fire. By Jason Long

Combined Arms #6, Sep/Oct 1994

Combined Arms # 6 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #6

  • Soviet Artillery Divisions. By Charles C. Sharp
  • Forging the Twisted Cross: German AFV Production in 1944. By Jason Long
  • Origins ’94: A Battle Memoir. By Flavio Carillo


Combined Arms #7/8, Winter 1994

Combined Arms # 7/8 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #7/8

  • Grossdeutschland: A Unit History Part One. By Jason Long
  • Soviet Artillery Divisions: A Masterful Approach. By Tom Johnson & Keith Martinson
  • The Sino-Japanese War. Scenario #1: The China Incident. By Mark Royer

Combined Arms #9, Mar/Apr 1995

Combined Arms # 9 - Cover

“Combined Arms”, Issue #9

  • Putting the Fire Back into Fire in the East. By Flavio Carillo
  • The United States Marine Corps in Europa… NOT! By James A. Broshot
  • Surprise in Europa. by Mark Royer
  • Dupuy and Me Too Part One. By Jason Long