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  1. Edmond

    Index already exist here:

    • chef

      Thank you for that information. I still think it might be good to have it on this site.

  2. Roger Brunin

    Hello Man;
    I am trying to learn how to use Vassal by playing Fire in the East.
    The Fire in the East module does not start with the game setup because it is partly a setup within the limits situation.
    My rules and setup are not available right now due to house renovations.
    I searched for a replacement but could find none.
    Could you suggest a location where I may acquire this information.

    • chef

      Hi Roger,
      unfortunately I do not know any public source for the FitE. While being open to share Charts and discuss the rules in public, HMS/GRD have always been adamant that the OBs are the core of their intellectual copyright, and therefor you’ll find only selected OBs available. Maybe someone on the Yahoo mailing list is willing to help you, I recommend asking around there.

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