The Europa Magazine # 57 - Cover

The Europa Magazine # 57 – Cover

+(Vol.X, No.5, 1997)


  • “Company Briefing: Total War” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Introductions” (Commentary) David H. Lippman
  • “Inside Europa: Turkey and War in the Desert” (Discussion) John Astell (War in the Desert)
  • “Inside Europa: Thoughts on the Partisans” (Discussion) John Astell with Mark Royer
  • “Historical Background: Yugoslavia 1941-1945” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • Europa Variant: Neutral Yugoslavia” (Variant) Frank Watson (Balkan Front)
  • “Battlefield Report: Beleaguered Greece” (Series Replay) Ed Dickenson (Balkan Front)
  • TEM Index: The Balkans in The Europa Magazine” (Insert) GR/D Staff
  • “Battlefield Report: An Italian Blitzkrieg?” (Series Replay) Sven-Ake Bengtsson (Balkan Front)
  • “Home Front – Balkan Front: Halt! Who Goes Where? Examining the Hungarian Operational Area” (Strategy) Joe Pyland (Balkan Front)
  • “A Europa Battle Scenario: The Dodecanese Campaign, Disaster in the Aegean – September to November, 1943” (Scenarios) David Hughes ) (Second Front/Balkan Front/War in the Desert)
  • Europa as History: Dodecanese Adventure” (Historical) Frank Watson
  • Europa  Side Trips: At the Movies, About the Dodecanese” (Discussion) GR/D Staff
  • Europa Battle Scenario: The Macedonian War – Bulgaria Invades Yugoslavia, 1940” (Scenarios) Frank Watson (Balkan Front)
  • “Play Aids: Balkan Front Expanded Sequence of Play” (Variant) Martin Duke (Balkan Front)
  • “Battlefield Report: The Balkan Front Small Solution” (Series Replay) Ralf Schultz  (Balkan Front/Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • Europa Variant: Crete Solitaire” (Variant) Frank Watson (Balkan Front)
  • Europa at Sea: German Light Cruisers” (Historical) David Tinny
  • “Home Front – Second Front: An Alternative Naval Replenishment” (Variant) Peter Rogers (Second Front)
  • Europa Aloft: Under Six Flags – The Bristol Blenheim I” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • “Rules Court: Balkan Front Q&A” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay and Rich Gayler (Balkan Front)
  • “Rules Court: Balkan Front Errata, 1 December, 1997” (Errata) GR/D Staff (Balkan Front)
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)