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  1. Gregory VanHouten

    I am sure you know about “Global Fury”, that James Burnett has put together for use with ADC2. It is truly a remarkable labor of love for James, and faithful to the Europa series while actually making a playable version of Total Europa. I have loved Europa since its’ early days, and still have the bagged copies of “Drang nach Osten” and “Unentschieden”. My proudest moment of “Europe” was a “Fire in the East” multiplayer umpired game, with me as OKW and Winston Hamilton as STAVKA with Friedrich Heffelrich (sp?) as the umpire. My fantastic AGN commander managed an amazing move that snuck around the Russian defensive line and into a nearly undefended Leningrad, full of aircraft and supplies. We flew in reinforcements and supplies and managed to hold onto Leningrad until the rest of AGN made contact. A powerful Russian army had nearly defeated Finland, but now found itself cut-off. The five members of my team cooperated fantastically, and that experience has stuck with me over all of these years. So I was delighted to find Global Fury on the internet. I have spent some time providing support to James Burnett, particularly in the Far East Order of Battle. As I get older, and my ability to spread out many maps in the same space gets less and less possible, it is wonderful to see the whole thing play out on your computer screen.
    Thank you so much for doing The General Staff Archives. I have enjoyed every article and am thrilled that others still hold onto a fascination of this most frustrating of game series.

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