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  1. Fred Jacobs

    I’m trying to find a “master list” or map guide that shows all the maps used in the GDW Europa series games. I do have one called “Fire in the East/Scorched Earth Map Guide” but only for FITE/SE.
    I also have another called “Europa 1989” & wonder if there is a later edition. Thanks!

    • chef

      Hi Fred,
      i was actually researching on how to create some kind of google maps application with overlays of the different Europa generation maps. unfortunately, the complexity demands more time than I currently have available for such a project. However, indexing Europa is very much on my list, from counter sheets to maps to – eventually. rules references.
      So I am sorry I currently can’t help you. However, should you be able to assemble such an index, by all means let me know :) You could also ask around at the Europa Association Group over on Yahoo, they are usually very helpful there.

  2. Ramon Weston

    The web links for the “Second Front from WitD” and “Second Front – Accountant Style” game reports are reversed.

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