The Europa Magazine #63 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #63 – Cover

(Vol.XI, No.5, 1998)

  • “Company Briefing: Happy Days are Here Again” (Commentary)Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Up Over Down Under” (Editorial) David H. Lippman
  • “Inside Europa: “Code Word” Units of the German Army” (Historical) John Astell
  • “Historical Background: New Zealand at War” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “Facts behind the Counters: 2nd New Zealand Division” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Aloft:: A Workhorse of the War – The Lockheed Ventura” (Historical) James Broshot
  • “Historical Background: New Zealand’s War Economy” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Variant: Optional Beginning to the Spanish Civil War” (Variant) Fred Helfferich (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • “Orders of Battle: 2nd New Zealand Division Losses and Replacements” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Battle Scenario: End of the Beginning – The Third Battle of El Alamein, October 1942” (Scenarios) Frank Watson (War in the Desert)
  • “Inside Europa: New Zealand Expeditionary Force OB” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly with help from Andrew Farrelly, David Ryan, David Hughes, Dave Lippman and Sgt. G.J. Thompson, RNZIR
  • Europa Side Trips: New Zealand’s Price” (Historical)
  • “Facts behind the Counters: New Zealand’s Non Divisional Units” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • Europa Side Trips: Howard Kippenberger” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)