The Europa Magazine #27 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #27 – Cover

(Vol. V, No.5, 1992)


  • “GR/D Briefing” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor” (Editorial) Rick Gayler
  • “Inside Europa:” (Designer Notes) John Astell (Balkan Front/War in the Desert/First to Fight)
  • “It’s how your Play the Game: The Diary of Hans Schiller” (Discussion)
  • Second Front Progress Report” (Commentary) GR/D Staff (Second Front)
  • A Winter War: Designer’s Notes, Part One” (Designer Notes) Gary Stagliano (A Winter War)
  • “Bookends: Books of Interest to Europa Gamers” (Book Reviews) David Hughes
  • “The 22nd Air Landing Division” (Historical) Rich Velay (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • Fortress Holland: Europa Battle Scenario #4” (Scenarios) Alan Tibbetts (The Fall of France)
  • Fortress Holland: Historical Background to the Scenario” (Historical) Alan Tibbetts (The Fall of France)
  •  “Revolt in Iraq: Rashid Ali and the Golden Square: April – May, 1941” (Scenarios) Frank Watson (The Near East)
  •  “Tracks to the Orient: A Secondary Road System for The Near East” (Variant Discussion) Frank Watson (The Near East)
  • “Capturing King and Country: German Strategy in Their Finest Hour” (Strategy) Phillip A. Buhler (Their Finest Hour)
  • Europa East Front: Chapter IV: The Transcaucasus Military District” (Strategy) Trey Nelson (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • “Rules Court” (Discussion) Rick Gayler
  • “EXchange” (Commentary) Readership