The Europa Magazine # 56 - Cover

The Europa Magazine # 56 – Cover

(Vol.X, No.4, 1997)


  • “Company Briefing: Origins/Europafest 1997” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Time for Fresh Faces” (Editorial) Frank Watson
  • Europafest Report: From the Player’s View” (Commentary) Rich C. Velay
  • Inside Europa: Anvil-Dragoon, Desert Options, and WitD Q&A” (Discussion) John Astell (Second Front/War in the Desert)
  • “Historical Background: Liquid Courage – The Italian Human Torpedoes” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “Counterbattery: Crows, Frogs, Swallows, and John Henry” (Discussion) Jason Long
  • “Battlefield Report: 1943 Italy Campaign” (Series Replay) Lars Wistedt (Second Front)
  • “Home Front – Second Front Operation Slapstick: The Capture of Taranto” (Historical) Cory S. Manka (Second Front)
  • “Counterpoint: Comments on Slapstick” (Commentary) Rich C. Velay (Second Front)
  • Europa Side Trips: Lest We Forget…” (Historical) Randy Moffat
  • “A Europa Battle Scenario: Soft Underbelly – A 1943 MTO Campaign for Second Front July 1943 – June 1944” (Scenarios) Sam Rosania (Second Front)
  •  “Scenario Errata: Crusader Throws A Track” (Errata) Peter Rogers (Western Desert/War in the Desert)
  •  “Battlefield Report: Playing Operation Husky” (Strategy) David Tinny (Second Front)
  • Europa Aloft:  The CR.32 and CR.42” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “Operations: Air Battle Over Sicily” (Strategy) Alan Tibbetts (Second Front)
  • “Home Front – War in the Desert The British 18th Infantry Division in North Africa” (Historical) Richard Cronin (War in the Desert)
  • Europa Staff College: Rule 14A – Special Unit Types: Engineers” (Discussion) Rich C. Velay
  • Europa at Sea: German Pocket Battleships” (Historical) David Tinny
  • “Rules Court: More WitD Questions and Answers” (Discussion) John Astell and Rich C. Velay (War in the Desert)
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)