The Europa Magazine #47 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #47 – Cover

(Vol.IX, No.1, 1995)


  • “Company Briefing” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor” (Editorial) Rick Gayler
  • “The Spanish Loyalist Army: The Army at the Beginning of the Civil War” (Historical) John Gee
  • “Sneak Peek: War in the Desert” (Discussion) Rick Gayler (War in the Desert)
  • “Battlefield Report: A Slugfest at Stalingrad” (Series Replay) Edward Dickenson (Scorched Earth)
  • “Attack Supply in Europa: An Alternative Proposal” (Variant Discussion) Russ Dumke
  • “East meets West: Retrofitting the Second Front Air System to Scorched Earth” (Variant Discussion) Victor Hauser (Second Front/(Scorched Earth)
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls: Errata Sheet” (Errata) GR/D Staff (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • Europa at Ssa: What Do We Really Want in our Naval Rules?” (Variant Discussion) Chris Janiec
  • “The Sino-Japanese Conflict: Massachusetts Playtest” (Playtest Report) Mark Royer (War of Resistance)
  • Leningrad: 1941 Brandenburger Training Exercise” (Contest) Readership (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • “Rider on the Storm: Another Approach to Modeling an Antless Version of Fire in the East/Scorched Earth” (Variant Discussion) David Tinny (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • Sudden Storm: A Thumbnail Sketch” (Discussion) GR/D Staff (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • Sudden Storm: Clarifications and Modifications” (Errata) GR/D Staff (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • “The reaser Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary)