The Europa Magazine #42 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #42 – Cover

(Vol.VIII, No.2, 1995)

  • “Battalion Report” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor” (Editorial) Rick Gayler
  • “Inside Europa: Air Unit Ratings: American-Produced Aircraft” (Designer Notes) John Astell
  • “Battlefield Report: Field-Testing on the Eastern Front” (Commentary) Mike Pinkus (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • Eeuropa Counters Calatogue” (Insert) (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • “Counterbattery” (Commentary) Jason Long (The Fall of France/War in the Desert)
  • “The Swedish Armed Forces, 1939-45” (Historical) Sven-Ake Bengtsson
  • The Battle for Kiev, 1943: Overrun Contest” (Contest) Rick Gayler (Scorched Earth)
  • “EXchange” (Commentary) Readership