The Europa Magazine #4 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #4 – Cover

Published September 1988

Note: contents reprinted in The Europa Newsletter 1-4 Special Reprint. This issue merged Nuts and Bolts with the Europa Newsletter


  • “News from GRD” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “Second Front Draft Order of Battle: The Free French” (Historical) John Astell (Second Front)
  • “Facts behind Counters – The German 1st Infantry Division” (Commentary) Shelby Stanton (The Fall of France/Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • “Europa XIII: The Ural Module” (Description) Dennis J. Dubberley (The Urals)
  • “Demo Daze” (Commentary) Duane Romfoe (Scorched Earth)
  • “Scorched Earth Demo: Structure and Rules” (Commentary) Tom Johnson and Charlie Meyer ( Scorched Earth)
  • “Scorched Earth Demo: Rand and reward Program” (Commentary) Tom Johnson (Scorched Earth)
  • “Straits to Hellas” (Variant) Ben Knight (Marita-Merkur)
  • “Confession of a Buttinski” (Commentary) Bill Stone
  • “Marcks, Lossberg, Halder, Hitler, and YOU ! – Free set up” (Variant) Tom Johnson (Fire in the East)
  • “At-TEN-tion” (Commentary) Ben Knight