The Europa Magazine #20 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #20 – Cover

Published July/August 1991


  • “GR/D Briefing” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “Convention Report: One gamer’s Impression of Origins and Europafest III” (Commentary) Mark Pitcavage
  • “Czech ’38 Playtest Report” (Game Replay) Jason Long
  • “Situation Report” (Editorial) Rick Gayler
  • “It’s How you play the Game: Spanish Torch Battle Report” (Game Replay) Ben Knight (Torch/Spain, Europa Play Aids Kit 5)
  • “More Italian Divisional Histories” (Historical) Michael K. Parker
  • “Supermarina II: The Beta Playtest of Naval Warfare in the Med” (Variant) Tom Johnson and Joe Hayes (Western Desert/Torch/Balkan Front)
  • “Computer Europa: The Excitement of Face-to-Face with Electronic Warfare” (Discussion) Roy Lane
  • “Who Gets Memel?: An Europa Historian Ponders the Future of Europe” (Historical) Peter Robbins
  • “Rules Court: Question and Aswers to Europa Games” (Discussion) (Scorched Earth/Balkan Front)
  • “EXchange” (Commentary) Readership
  • “Allied Combined Chart” (Play Aid) (Narvik)