The Europa Magazine #21 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #21 – Cover

Published SEP-OCT 1991


  • “GR/D Briefing” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “Situation Report: From the Editors” (Editorial) Victor Hauser & Rick Gayler
  • “Facts behind the Counters: The Walloon Legion” (Historical) Derek Nelson
  • “What is Wrong with Europa?” (Commentary) Mark Pitcavage
  • “Its how you play the Game: Soviet Deployments for Scorched Earth” (Strategy) Members of the Association (Scorched Earth)
  • Leningrad 1941: Europa Battle Scenario #3” (Scenarios) Victor Hauser & Frank Watson (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • “Soviet Pre-War Fortiefied Areas (Historical) Louis Rotundo
  • “Welcome, my Friend, to the Big Red Machine: Playing the Germans in The Urals 1943 Scenario” (Strategy) Jason Long (The Urals)
  • “Driving Big Red: Playing the Soviets in The Urals 1943 Scenario” (Strategy) Joe Hayes (The Urals)
  • “Rules Court: Twelve Rules that didn’t make it into Scorched Earth & Errata Update” (Discussion) GR/D Staff (Scorched Earth)
  • “EXchange” (Commentary) Readership