The Grenadier # 28 - Cover

The Grenadier # 28 – Cover

Published March – April 1986
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2″


  • Editorial: Generally Speaking by Jeffry Tibbetts
  • No Pasaran! Errata
  • Napoleon at Bat: The Games of Kevin Zucker by Marion Bates
  • East Wind Rain review by Fred Helfferich
  • Trial of Strength: 18 Easy Phases – review by John T. O’Toole
  • Strategic Games of the American Civil War
    • Part 4: Victory Games’The Civil War by James T. Naughton
  • Europa Notes: A Collector’s Guide by Marc Miller
  • By Chance… or By Design by Jonathan Southard
  • 9:00 by Jack Radey
  • CRT [computer wargame review column] by Bill Nichols
    • Europe Ablaze by SSG
    • U.S.A.A.F. by SSI
    • Operation Market Garden by SSI
    • Breakthrough in the Ardennes by SSI
  • Pass in Review – books of interest to the military hobbyist by George Mead, Booksellor
  • Short Arms – Reviews in Brief
    • B.H. Liddell Hart’s History of the Second World War Part One: Hitler Turns Against Russia by Task Force Games
    • B.H. Liddell Hart’s History of the Second World War Part Two: The Overrunning of the West by Task Force Games
    • Spain and Portugal (Europa X ) by Game Designers Workshop
    • World in Flames, Global Conflict 1939-1945 by Australian Design Group
    • Arctic Front: The Third World War Game 3 by Game Designers Workshop
    • Pacific War by Victory Games
    • Drive on Stalingrad: Battle for Southern Russia by TSR, Inc.