The Europa Magazine #78 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #78 – Cover

(Vol.XIV, No.2, 2001)


  • “Company Briefing: GRD Continued” (Commentary) Carl Kleihege
  • “From the Editor: Private Ryan’s Generation” (Editorial) David H. Lippman
  • “Historical Background: An Iowa Girl in Washington in World War II” (Historical) Lois Kevan Bernhardt
  • “Battlefield Report: Second Front, Colorado Style, Part II – The Liberation of Italy and France” (Series Replay) Cory S. Manka (Second Front)
  • “Historical Background: The TorchLandings” (Historical) David Tinny
  • “Historical Background: The Ships of Torch” (Historical) David Tinny
  • “Home Front: Continuing WitD into SF” (Variant) Eric Pierce War in the Desert/Second Front)
  • “Rules Court: An Appeal on Second Front Supply” (Discussion) Cory S. Manka (Second Front)
  • “Counterpoint: Don’t Dismiss Rule 12B” (Discussion) John Astell (Second Front)
  • “Point/Counterpoint: Air Power in Second Front/Maybe It’s Not Quite THAT Bad” (Discussion) Ray Tumbleson/Frank Watson (Second Front)
  • Glory Desk – Ooperations: The Damned Die Hard Player Notes” (Commentary) Michael Tapner (The Damned Die Hard)
  • Battlefield Report: The Damned Die Even Harder if Prepared” (Series Replay) Robert S. Williams (The Damned Die Hard)
  • “Historical Background: US Infantry Weapons” (Historical) David H. Lippman
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary) Readership