Oct I 1936

With the new supply arriving at the ports we find ourselves critically short of rail capacity, the ammunition rots in the harbours while our fronts are short of supply. To put pressure on the Loyalists we have to make use of our assets wherever they are, and as dearly we would like to transfer the Legion Entragere to the North we simply don’t have the means to do so. The transfer of colonial troops to Cadiz continues, the presence of Italian subs prevents any incursions by the Loyalist fleet. In the North we barely screen the gobernitos, while everything available is now shifted to the east to occupy the rail line to Zaragoza and secure ist supply line. To do so, we have to retreat more columns over the Ebro, so that there are now only 2 border regiments left east of the river.

Another attempt to stop the Loyalist onlaught at Zaragoza failes east of Merida [5:1 -1 AS] despite the fact that virtually all reinforcements go to there, while the newly arrived Italian tank batallion scores its first victory in supporting a small conterattack up the Teja valley [6:1 +2 DE]. In the mountains north of Madrid an isolated Loyalist column is cut of and smashed [5:1 -2 EX] as the battle for the mountain crest continues. We now occupy mountain hexes everywhere except the rail line to Bajadoz [2412], which doesn’t matter as Bajadoz finally falls into our hands [4:1 -1 DR], despite some fierce resistance by the Elite Art Regiment stationed there. In the South several colums screen Cordoba and Malaga, while the main colums head for the slowly emerging frontline in the east to prevent relieve attempts. Solid contact is now established everywhere, and we start to construct the first fortifications in the open. [frontline from Motril in the South to 2414, then along the mountains to the rail line to Zaragoza, from there no contact is established so far becouase of our retreats]

The Loyalists concentrate on Zaragoza and rail more troops into the area. The remaining National Forces east of the Ebro are wiped out and solid contact is made with the Basque forces coming from the North. The river line marks the front, which means that Zaragoza will be cut off as soon as bad weather occures.

More loyalist colums mobilized in the vicinity on Madrid manage to re-take a mountain hex north of the city, while a second attack falteres.

Losses: Insurgents: 5

Inf 1 Arm, Loyalists: 7 Inf 1 Art

Oct II 1936


(D = Mud)

More divisions reach the front line north-west of Zaragoza as a fierce battle errupts for the supply lines of the city. We cannot prevent that the city finylly gets cut of in the last days of the month.

The only important attack on anarchist colums in Anadlusia failes [5:1 -2 AS], while finally the last isolated loyalist stronholds in aour hinterland are cleared.

Losses: Insurgents: 5

Inf 1 Art, Loyalists: 3 Inf