Sep I 1936

Two more divisions are assembled, one at Zaragoza to stem the massive flow of Loyalist troops from Catalania up the Ebro river, and one more to help the attack at Valladolid. The most important parts of the Legion Entragere and the Colonial Regiments now have been shipped to Southern Spain to join the assault against the Anarchist republic of Andalucia. As the Loyalist fleet remains surprisingly quiet there is nothing much to do for the first arriving submarine sqadroons of the Italin Navies, who guard the first transports of supply and artillery reaching our ports. In the South we intensify our grip on the anarchist cities and cut them off, while in the North Valladolid falls to a combined assault of all arms.

The first Catalanian colums establish contact with our lines in front of Zaragoza. From the southern hills of the Pyrennes long columns of Loyalist troops heading for the city can be spotted, a threat we are unable to counter effectively because our inabillity to shift troops. Their first attempt to break our ranks fails [3:0 -1], while the important rail junction of Calatyud falls into Loyalist hands after a blody battle [3:1 (-1) HX] More Loyalist units pouring out of Madrid score another vitory against a lonly requete column at Soria, smashing it and occupying the city [4:1 (0) DH].

Losses: Insurgents: 4 Inf, Loyalists: 2 Inf 1 Art

Sep II 1936

The Legion Entrangere finally reaches the outscirts of Malaga and occupies the approaches to the city, while our corps at Cordoba receives reinforcements against the new anarchist colums aggresivly defending the city. The victors of Valladolid rush to the east to rescue Zaragoza and retake Calatyud, but don’t reach the front in strengh. A swift attack without preperations or supply overwhelms a cut-off loyalist column in the eastern Cordilleras [hex 2507].

Nearly a Dozend Loyalist columns reach the outskirts of Zaragoza and isolate the city, while more bypass our strongpoints east of the city to press on northward. Huesca falls [4:1 -1 DR].

In the South, the anarchist rulers of Malaga and Cordoba issue rationing of the stocked supplies, as there is no imminent chance of relieving the city. From the mass of Loyalist colums in the Tejo valley a regiment of Guardia del Civil breakes through and reaches the still besieged Bajadoz, adding to the defenders there.

Losses: Insurgents: 0, Loyalists: 1 Inf