Nov I 1936


Fighting ceases on most fronts except in the verx north-east, where the Loyalists try to reach a secure north-south rail line. As most insurgent reinforcements are stuck in the mud our lines get pushed back, while south of that an operation to retake Calatyud failes with two of our best divisions cut off and surrounded. Of our three attacks, two succeed, but despiteheavy losses we cannot improve our situation [1 x 5:1 -3 AS, 2 x 6:1 -3 DR + EX]

Elsewhere, Malaga and Cordoba eat gras.

Losses: Ins: 4 Inf

Loyalists: 2 Inf

Nov II 1936

(D=Mud, C=Mud)

The assault on the anarchist strongholds in Andalusia opens with the attack on Malaga. Meeting fierce resistance, we are nevertheless able to secure the city and take alrge amounts of prisoners. Immediately the security organs start their work [5:1 -2 DR]. Some conterattacks are made to stall the Loyalist offensives and to improve the situation of the Zaragoza garrison, but the wether prevents any major operations. We manage to relieve one of the two cut off divisions, but the other cannot even be ressupplied. The gap in our front at Vitoria cannot be closed as reinforcements hurry to the front.

As news from the fall of Malaga spread the country, more anarhists surrender. Refugees pour out of Cordoba and bring news that the stocks run out in the city. In the North, the Loyalist exploit the achieved breaktrough and take Logrono [8:1 -3 DR], the cut of division surrenders to a concentric assault [6:1 -3]. After securing the railway junction to Zaragoza, the Loyalists now mass in front of the city, obviosly planning an assault onto the city itself.

Losses: Ins: 2,5 Inf

Loy: 1 Art 3 Inf 1 Arm