Dec I 1936

(D=Mud C=Mud)

We have decided now to cancel all attack operations until spring. Only Cordoba is taken by the colums sweeping eastwards to the Loyalist-occupied country [8:1 -3]. Again we shift forces to close the front gaps in the north, while the few mobile units we have are regegated to back-line duty and to transport supply.

The Loyalists raise more than 8 new divisions and assemble them around Zaragoza. However, no ttack is yet to be made, instead, the offensive down the Tejo valley is resumed, pushing back our colums to the exit of the alley [7:1 -3 DR]

No losses

Dec II 1936

(D=Mud, C=Winter)

Despite our defensive efforts, Zaragoza falls [5:1 -2, DR], ist garrison marches into imprisonment fater moths of curageous resistance. All our determination could not prevent the loss of the city, and we will have again to shorten our front to prevent more divisions from getting cut off. The Loyalists now securly hold a rail connection to the Northern Provinces and immediately start to send military aid north.

Losses: Ins: 1 art 8

Inf, Loy: 3 Inf