Miguel was glad of the rest. His regiment of Legionnaires had received orders to move out of Carmona following the defeat of the anarchist thugs and to march at haste accompanied by the 1P artillery to the rolling hills North West of Seville. Here they had encountered and pursued the enemy 7th cavalry. Their comrades of the 35th inf marching from Huelva had blocked any escape and the 7th had surrendered after a short barrage by the 1stP.  They did not pursue the few remnants dispersing into the countryside as the enemy was spent as an effective fighting force. So Miguel was grabbing some quiet time. Rumour had it they were to move north towards Almendralejo and to push north east to link up with an equally victorious force moving south from Valladolid. They were told this would be another easy victory…..but Miguel had his doubts and feared the worst.

Barcelona was being described as “The strangest city in Europe” by reporters – “A city of anarcho-syndicalism supporting democracy, of anarchists keeping order and anti-political philosophers wielding power”. Despite this and the ongoing “purification” the Republic launched a major attack over the Ebro/Cinca river. However the use of raw recruits, poor leadership and the late arrival of many units meant that the attack was uncoordinated and fragmented. Other than the retreat of the Nationalist 2nd Mech the attack proved ineffective and used up precious supplies.

Nationalist Turn

Moves/Attacks: Seville Area;3-2-6 inf LE with 2-6 art 1P moves to 3123;  1-6 inf 33, 2-1-8 art E move into Carmona and with 1-6 35 inf on 3125 all attack unsupplied the PA 1-8 cav 7 in 3124

Militia test passed so 4:1 (-1) for DR. Cav eliminated.  No advance

Moves/Attacks Valladolid Area Attack 1 :1-8 cav 2, 1-6 inf 26,1-6 art 13L unsupplied attack PA 1-8 Cav 10 at 2110 . 3:1 Militia check passed. Result HX. Lose 1-6 inf 26. No Advance.

Moves/Attacks Valladolid Area attack 2.  (2-5 inf 2 (Req) moves to rail junction 1909)

1-8 cav 1, 1-6 inf 22, 1-6 mg 2, 1-6 sec 12GC, 2x 1-6 art 11L and  15L on 2009 Supplied from Burgos. Plus 1-6 Bdr 8car, 1-6 inf 26 and 2-6 art 4P on 2010 unsupplied attack 1-6 art 14L ,1-6 Bdr 9GC and Garrison at Valladolid at 2:1:.  Militia check passed. Result EX. Lose 1-6 inf 22 and 1-6 sec 12GC.  All from 2009 advance into Valladolid

Moves/Attacks, in San Sebastian area, 1-6 inf 23, 1-8 mtn 7, 1-6 art 12L attack PA 1-8 mtn 6.. No supply. 4:1 -1 MC passed EX. Lose 1-6 inf 24. Advance by 1-6 inf 23 ,1-6 art 12L

Elsewhere Troops move to secure Gobernetos border.

(N.B The P.A rolled all 6’s to pass Militia checks.!!). (In future only failed Militia checks will be reported)

FWtBT No 4 - AUG II 37

FWtBT No 4 – AUG II 37

Republican Turn

1-8 cav 7, 1-6 art 14L rebuilt @ Madrid and moves East. 1-8 Bike infiltrates to cut rail line at 2503 severing Nationalist supply to Catalonian force.

Asturians and Basques begin fort constructions along their borders.

Attack at Talavera de la Reina . 1-8 inf GP at 2614, 1-6 10GC on 2615, 2x 1-6 inf 1 and 4

1-5 mech 2, 1-0-8 AAC, 1-6 art 1L, on 2514 plus BR19 attack all supplied NAT 1-6 21GC and  1-6 bdr 7CAR  at Talavera. 6:1 for DE  All advance.

Army of Elbro Attack 1;  2 x 1-8 Mtn 1 and 3, 1-8 Mtn art 1 and 2-6 art 2P at 3229 supplied attack Nat 1-5 mech 1 at 3331  (Militia Halved 7:1 – 2 DR  Mech retreats to 3332 and all except 1-8 mtn 1 advance

Attack 2 ; 1-6  mg 4 on 3230 plus 1-6 eng 4, 1-6 sec 3GC at Lerida and  1-8 mtn 2, 1-6 inf 16 ,1-6 art 8L at 3130 attacks Nat 1-8 mtn 4 on 3230.  Militia halved for 3:1 Result AS.