Miguel shielded his eyes from the mid-day sun and looked out from his rough dug out towards Carmona.  Activity was increasing across the river as armed Anarchist mobs rounded up the sympathetic Nationalist populace in what they euphemistically termed “Pacification”.

He was roused from his reverie by the cry “Viva La Muerte” (long live death). The 1P Artillery regiment they has passed on the march from Cordoba had arrived and the attack had begun!  They expected the Anarchists to break easily but they stood and fought. Still they were no match for the professionally trained Legion and half were slaughtered in the opening barrage with the rest following shortly thereafter in the fight for the town.

In Madrid the UGT intelligence network reported that Colonel Moscardo in Toledo had declared for the Nationalists and that an “army” of taxis, lorries and confiscated private automobiles  were rushing south to bolster the defence.  Air raids from Madrid’s air squadron softened the defence and the AAC Armoured Car regiment already en route from the south was ordered to attack supported by 2nd Mech other regulars and an anarchist artillery regiment.  The fortress barracks of Alcazar was stormed and the hastily improvised defence was no match for the 75mm howitzers and twin Hotchkiss MGs of the Schneider armoured cars. The city fell with little loss to the attackers and the first co-ordinated attack by the Republic was an overwhelming success!

Game Report


Reinforcements (any port): art rep 0.5 to El Ferrol and then general pool. Res pt and Atk Sup to Cadiz. SS1 to Ceuta, SS2 to Villa Sanjurjo

Moves/Attacks: In Seville Area 3-2-6 2LE, 2-6 Art 1P. to 3222  attack 1-5 inf AmL (An) in Carmona supplied from AS at 3421. AmL full strength after militia roll so attack is 7:1 (-1) for DH. Both Nationalist advance to Camona

1-6 inf 33, 1-8 Lt2, 2-1-8 Art E at 3324 and 2-6 inf 3Ceu (Col), 2-1-8 Art A at 3325 attack PA 1-6 Bdr 6Car and 1-6 Eng 2 at 3325 all except Lt 2 supplied from 3421.

P A pass Militia checks and attack is 7:1 for DR. Trapped PA surrender. (1-6 inf 33 has marched from Huelva to block escape north) 3Ceu and art O advance to 3325.

Moves/Attacks Valladolid Area: 1-6 art 11L, 2-5 inf 2 (Req), 1-6 Sec 12GC, 1-6 inf 22 and 1-6 mg 2 attack (unsupplied) PA 1-8 Cav 10 from the east  All militia stand firm. Result  DR. Cav 10 retreats. Req 2 Advances.

1-6 Bdr 8Car, 2-6 Art 4P, 1-6 infs 26&28, 2-5 Inf 1 (Req), and 1-6 inf 13, 1-6 art 13L attack unsupplied PA 1-6 inf 25 from the west at 6:1(-1) for DE.

(Per 37C all units are un-isolated so all losses go to replacement pool).

Elsewhere Nationalist forces at Zaragoza move SE to try and reach the Ebro before Loyalists. 1-5 Mech 2 as the vanguard at 3332

Subs take up defensive perimeter around Melilla, All Transports devoted to moving troops from SM to mainland and finish in port at Ceuta


Reinforcements. 2 art RP,s to general pool via /Alicante. Art 0.5 RP at Bilbao builds 0-1-6 mtr AD in Town

Art 0.5 in general pool builds 0-1-6 Art CNT (An) in Madrid.

Gerona, Sabadell, Tarrasa Ideologically Purified.

Moves NT3 (accompanied by BTF2) from Santander to Bilbao picks up 1-8 mtn 8 and transports to San Sebastian then 8th mtn moves to 2811. Fleet return trip to San Sebastian with Res Pt from Bilbao. Catalonian force moves to meet Nationalists at Ebro. Central force fans out from Murcia/Valencia along rail lines, 1-8 bike 1, 1-6 eng 7 and 1-6 Sec 14GC move east toward Calatayud.  Seville and Valladolid forces stay awaiting relief.

Toledo Attack. 1-6 Eng 1, 1-6 art 1L in 2811; 1-0-8 AAC, 1-5 Mech 2, 1-6 inf 1, 0-1-6 art ONT (An) in 2912; 1-6 sec 4GC in 2913 plus Bre19 from Madrid. All attack supplied (except art (An)) from SP in Madrid attack 1-6 Sec 4GC and 0.5 Garrison in Toledo.

8:1 +1 AECD ( all militia stand firm except 0-1-6 art ONT (An) which  is halved (a moot point) ) Result is DE.

4GC eliminated and garrison dispersed. All on 2912 and 2913 advance.

Mech movemt. Fleet joins LTF1 at Bilbao