The Germans dropped on Belomorsk and put the Arctic front out of supply.
Meanwhile, the Russians undeterred by lack of mail or the threats to
Moscow and Leningrad continued their assaults on the Finns eliminating a
division and cadre for two others.

AGN: The skies were black with planes as the Germans pushed next to Leningrad for the first time in the game.  Russians retreated rather than take losses
(DR) and moved reserves in their turn.

AGC: The Germans launched three attacks and inflicted heavy losses on the
Russians.  The attacks were not well coordinated, however, as the effect of
surprise wore off before the other attacks were resolved (a DH, followed
by a HX, followed by an EX).  The Russians counterattacked in their turn and
inflicted a HX on a German division suffering from the cold.

AGS: Mud continues, but supply lines advance.

Total losses for Jan II 53 soviet, 27 German and 12 Finnish.