Light Soviet losses this turn, around 20 or so, and no German losses to report. By army group the action was as follows.

AGN: Not much in the Finnish front, the soviets are moving artillery towards Vipurii, but that’s about it. The Germans uses the Kriegsmarine commando surprise rule to get a +1 and engineers to lever the Soviets out of hex 0903 (which, if you don’t have your map handy, is where the Leningrad river line reaches the sea). The Germans also took hex 1432, which also is across that river line. The soviets did lose a tank and an NKVD division (not the good ones) but that was it.

AGC: the Germans attacked the soviet wall at Kaluga and got a DR. It killed the fort and the Germans are there in force, so stay tuned to this front for more action in the very near future. The panzers have three trucks in the vicinity, so they can live behind soviet lines for a long long time.

AGS: Kiev fell to a vigorous assualt (a DR was rolled) but the defenders were already halved for being out of supply. Odessa continues to hold out thanks to naval resupply, but the black sea fleet is paying a heavy price with several ships taking damage and the battleship limping along with 3 hits on it.