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Comment to Date

In Asturias, the Insurgents control Oviedo, Mieres, and not much else. Otherwise, the front lines run roughly along the borders of Andalucia, Estremadura, and Castilla la Vieja, except in the for inroad made by the Loyalist in the southern and eastern reaches of Castilla la Vieja. Both sides have suffered from a shortage of artillery, particularly the Insurgents. Many divisions have had to be formed unsupported. These shortages are finally beginning to be met.

For the Insurgents,many Art III’s that could have been expected to join the rebellion stayed loyal, plus several Art III’s were lost in the first battles. For the Loyalists, as yet unrepaired damage to the factory at Gijon, sustained in the August fighting, has hampered production.

The Insurgent plan for 1937 calls for eliminating the Northern Gobernitos, begining with Santander, then Asturias, then Euzkadi. Secondary attacks will be launched down the rail line west of Madrid, mostly to hold Loyalist units in that area. After the Basques are crushed, the situation will be re-evaluated to determine the next phase of operations.

The Loyalist plan calls for a three pronged attack toward Burgos from Santander, Miranda de Ebro, and Soria. After Burgos is taken, forces will push on to Valladolid. From there, some units will head west to retake Salamanca, while the main force will turn north to take Leon, after which it will eliminate the Insurgents in Galicia, who will now be cut off. It is expected that Portuguese aid to the Insurgents and the mountainous terrain past Leon will cause the campaign to conquer Galicia to take the rest of the year, so a campaign against the Insurgents in Estremadura and Andalucia will have to wait till 1939.

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