Per Rule 41G3d-NTO Scenario: End to Russo-Finnish War, “at the start of each Soviet initial phase beginning with the Feb I 40 Soviet turn, the Soviet player checks to see if his war with Finland ends. The war ends if Finland has at least 25 demoralization points [DPs]….” The Finnish DP tally is now 28: 10 for Soviet-owned Finnish point cities (one point each), 6 for Soviet-owned Mannerheim Lines (two points each), 2 for the two presently on-map Finnish inf cadres (one point each), and 10 for the Soviet-owned dot city of Viipuri.

With the Winter War thus ended, “…both sides tally their Finnish and Soviet victory points,” presumably using the untitled Victory Point charts on p. 70 (back page) of the SoS Scenario Rules booklet. Since the DP tally and consequential “war ending” is done at the start of the Soviet initial phase, the subsequent VP tally is done prior to the Soviet replacement substep of their initial phase, and so the Soviet side cannot do any last minute rebuilding of lost forces. This war gamer tallies a total of 21 VPs for the Finnish side and 72 VPs for the Soviet side.

“All Finnish And Soviet forces are then removed from play.” Also, “if the Russo-Finnish war ends before any Allied or Axis Intervention occurs, the scenario ends at that point.” This is the situation in the current SoS NTO Scenario Study. War gamers are referred to Rule 24-Victory, for the NTO Scenario Victory Conditions. Here we are assured that “if your VP total is greater than your opponent’s VP total, then you are in a better military position than your opponent.” In the final analysis per the Victory rule, “the player with the higher VP total…is the victor.”

There will possibly be a finishing SoS NTO Scenario Study EA posting about some SoS NTO scenario game play/rules/revision issues and discussing certain features of the Winter War and Finland in Europa war gaming in a 1939-41 historical context.