In the reinforcement segment of the Finnish initial phase the 1-2-8 Ski X Rv is rebuilt using one of the three currently available regular inf repl points. Per Rule 40B1-Production, Finnish replacement built units may be brought in only at Helsinki. Later in the movement phase it rails from Helsinki to Finnish woods rail junction hex 2815. It then has just the available remaining regular MPs to move two hexes farther to woods road hex 2913, right on the A weather line and also adjacent to the invading Soviet stack eastwards at Kuhmo, at woods road hex 2912 just north of the A weather line. In a fit of nervousness the Finns spend another regular inf repl point and rebuild the *1-6 Inf X 4 lost last turn with the 1-2-8 Ski X Rv and rail it from Helsinki to Viipuri, where it regular moves to G. of Finland coast & fort counter hex 4717. This still leaves 1 inf repl point in the Finnish regular replacement pool; but there’s also available ½ special inf replacement point (per Rule 40B4-Special Replacements) generated by the Finnish losses from the previous Soviet turn.

In the initial phase the reinforcement Inf XX HQ unit A is brought on-map at island reference city Kotka (4521) and in the movement phase it admin moves six hexes to woods rail coast hex 4417, just one hex NW of the strategic Karelian Isthmus dot city of Viipuri (4517). Next, the initial phase reinforcement 1-2-6 Inf III 22/65 is brought on-map at Viipuri; then it regular moves two hexes to the central Mannerheim Line fort counter wooded intermittent lake hex 4615. Then the reinforcement 1-6 Inf III 40 is brought on-map at Helsinki and rails to fort counter woods rail hex 4616, at the angle point in the Mannerheim Line. Renewed nervousness about the security of the Mannerhiem Line drives the Finns to rail the single pos flk unit from Tampere to 4616. Then a pos flk unit from Helsinki is railed to fort counter wooded intermittent lake rail hex 4614, north of unnamed Lake Suvanto(?) on Europa map 35, with two frozen full lake hexsides facing southward toward the invading Soviet Seventh Army’s front line. This leaves at Helsinki one pos flk unit, the 0-1-8 Cycle III VL Coastal Command unit, the Finnish govt. marker, a resource point, and the F & A type Finnish air units (2 in all). At Viipuri, the 1-6 Inf III A remains in place this turn per the Coastal Command deployment stipulation in the AWW Finnish at start OB; along with it is a resource point. However, the 0-1-5 Const III Kan, starting at 4616, moves one hex east to clear terrain Gulf of Finland coast hex 4617. Also from 4616 the 1-8 Ski III 3-4 J rails to 3412, then moves east one hex to wooded intermittent lake border hex 3411, adjacent to the supported 1-6 Ski III 2/PKR at Lieksa at woods rail hex 3312, which doesn’t move this turn. From 4617 the 0-6 Lt Tnk II 1 moves and finally exploits to woods rail junction hex 4415. There is some other shuffling of the units in the Karelian Isthmus zone’s five Mannerheim Line hexes, and the Line deployment at the Finnish turn’s end is as follows:

G. of Finland coast hex 4717:
*1-6 Inf III 4
4-5-6 Inf XX 5
0-1-6 Inf III MLR
*2-6 Inf X 1
0-1-0 Art II SHRT
pos flk unit

Viipuri- Leningrad woods rail hex 4616:
1-2-6 Inf III A
1-6 Ski III A
1-6 Inf III 40
0-1-6 Inf III UR
1-6 Art III 3
pos flk unit

Central fort line wooded intermittent lake hex 4615:
4-5-6 Inf XX 4
1-2-6 Inf III 22/65
0-1-6 Inf III RR
1-8 Ski III 1-2 J
2-6 Art III 2

Frozen Lake hex 4614:
two 4-5-6 Inf XXs 8 & 11
pos flk unit
Ladoga coast hex 4613:
4-5-6 Inf XX 10
two *2-6 Inf Xs 2 & 3
pos flk unit.

In the Ladogan Karelia region the 0-1-5 Const III Kar at clear terrain Ladoga coast rail hex 4211 (Sortayala) spends five MPs to build a 1-cap temporary airfield there with one MP pocketed in case the airfield’s cap is further expanded the next Finnish turn. This construction unit build is done per Rule 43A8-Incremental Construction of Airfields. A 1-cap temporary airfield counter from WW is used to mark the airfield. The unexpended resource point remains at the same hex. At the end of the Finnish movement phase the Finnish deployment in the Lake Janis zone is as follows:

East end of Valamo Island hex 4311: *1-6 Ski III 2/KR; never moved
Woods Ladoga coast secondary rail hex 4210: 1-2-6 Ski 1/KR, plus hit marker on the rail line
Woods secondary rail junction hex 4111: 4-5-6 Inf XX 6; moved here from 4210
Woods Janis coast rail hex 4011: *3-4-6 Inf XX 13; never moved.

At Ilomantsi (woods road hex 3711) the *3-4-6 Inf 12 stays put, menaced by the Soviet 3-6 Inf XX 56 at 3710 and the 4-8 Mot Inf XX 44 at 3610. However, in the reinforcement segment of their initial phase the Finns deploy two guerrilla units in guerrilla mode. The 1-6 Ski X SH (in guerrilla mode) is placed at woods hex 3511 and a dummy counter (in guerrilla mode) is placed at 3510. In the movement phase the first Finnish guerrilla unit moves one hex to forest hex 3611 and the second (dummy) guerrilla unit moves one hex to 3511. Thus at the end of the movement phase the Finnish deployment in the Lake Keitele zone of the Ladogan Karelia is as follows:

At Ilomantsi (3711): *3-4-6 Inf XX 12; never moved
Forest hex 3611: 1-6 Ski X SH in guerrilla mode
Woods hex 3511: dummy guerrilla unit in guerrilla mode
Wooded intermittent lake hex 3411: 1-8 Ski III 3-4 J; first railed, then moved here
At Lieksa (3312): *1-6 Ski III 2/PKR; never moved.
The 0-6 RR Eng III Yhd moves one hex west to forest rail hex 3513.

The replacement built 1-2-8 Ski X Rv was railed and then moved to woods road hex 2913, on the A weather line. Three hexes north of it the 1-2-6 Ski III 1/PKR remains at woods road junction hex 2612 (Soumussalmi).

At far north Ivalo, at woods road junction hex 0610, the 1-6 Ski III 41 (out of supply at red U-1) retreats southwards down the road by admin movement to wooded swamp road hex 1013, in order to get back into supply in the initial phase of the Dec II 39 Soviet turn. At 1013 it is six road hexes to the secondary rail line at wooded swamp hex 1516.

At remote and likely freezing Salla, at woods road junction hex 1510, the 1-6 Ski III 1/LR is in supply & stays put, standing down the Soviet 1-6 Inf III 529, two road hexes eastward at captured Finnish point city Allakurtti (1508).

At Kuusamo, at woods road junction hex 2010, the *1-6 Ski III 2/LR becomes black U-1 in the initial phase. Like the Finnish ski III beginning the turn at far north Ivalo, it is simply too remote from the Finnish rail network to be in supply north of the A weather line: three overland hexes & three road hexes. Reluctantly, it moves back three hexes to desolate woods road hex 2113, exposing the Finnish point city Kuusamo for a likely Soviet walk-in and capture next turn.

The Soviet 4-6 Inf XX 54 at wooded swamp road border hex 2511, just inside Finland, is technically also black U-1 this turn. In the SoS NTO Scenario Study Dec I 39 Soviet Turn report, a mistake was made in saying it was in regular supply. However, there is another way to get it back in supply this Finnish turn. The unit is three hexes away from the Soviet 2-cap permanent airfield in regular supply at Ukhta (2508). Rule 12C2a-Supply Points says “the player owning…an [in regular supply] airbase or port may place…supply points at the airbase or port as he desires.” Right now to me this means the non-phasing Soviet player may place three supply points (aka gsp’s in WW) at Ukhta in the supply determination segment of the Dec I 39 Finnish initial phase and presto, the Soviet 4-6 Inf XX 54 three road hexes away at 2511 is in supply this turn via a special supply source. Small numbered status markers from FitE, I believe, are used to indicate supply points generated during the Finnish turns and large numbered status markers are used to indicate supply points generated during the Soviet turns.

Other Soviet ground units becoming black U-1 in the supply determination segment of the Dec I 39 Finnish turn are the winterized 1-6 Inf III 88/273 & the 2-6 Art X 45 at Kuhmo (2912), and also the 0-1-5 Bdr III 5 at adjacent hex 3011. The 3-6 Inf XX 122 at nearby hex 3311 becomes black U-1 this turn, too. All these Soviet units are on or above the A weather line.

Late in the exploitation phase the Soviets do a non-phasing air transfer of the G-2 T type air unit at Leningrad to the Ukhta airfield.

At the end of the exploitation phase the Finnish D.XXI F type air unit attempts to transfer from Helsinki (4526) to Tampere (3825), as the factory there is now devoid of any flack protection. The Soviet I-153 and I-16/t10 F type air units based at Tallinn (4826) fly a patrol attack mission against the Finnish fighter beginning its transfer mission at the Helsinki hex, three hexes from Tallinn and at the patrol attack range limit of the I-153. A random drawing pits the I-153 against the D.XXI first and the Soviets roll on the “-1 or less” differential on the Patrol Attack Table and get a 3: no effect. The I-16/t10 then rolls on the “0 to +2” differential on the Table and roll a 5: defender return. The two Soviet fighters then return to Tallinn and become inoperative. Right now I believe that per SoS Rules 20D-Patrol Attack, 21C-Patrol Attacks, and in particular 21B2-Combat Results (as it applies to patrol attack results) a “R” result on the Patrol Attack Table means the affected air unit “Turn(s) Back-a turned back air unit immediately returns to base and becomes inoperative.” This means the D.XXI Finnish fighter must return to base at Helsinki, and only to Helsinki, and not “return” essentially to any friendly airbase of its choosing in a typical normal transfer mission range, as if either “No Effect” was rolled and/or if in fact nothing in particular had happened during the transfer mission. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong here.

Finally, the Finnish C.X A type air unit based at Helsinki flies a transfer mission to the new 1-cap temporary airfield at 4211 (Sortayala) on the northern shore of Lake Ladoga in the Ladogan Karelia.

Right now I believe many of the SoS NTO Scenario air unit mission capabilities are nearly identical with those found in WW’s Air Unit Mission Capability Chart, found on the WW chart sheet labeled K: Game Calendar.