Tunisia – The Greeks and French pull back to the main line to the delighted
jeers of the Italian infantry. Back at Gabes, there is large scale
reorganisation of the 8th Army to cover for ongoing loss of units to other

Algeria – The battle for Tebes rages as the 1st Army drives the Axis holding
force out of the town and seizes it. (5:1 -2 mud, -1 rough = DR). The
victorious six divisions are proving a thorn on the Axis coastal flank.

Algeria – Again the frontline is reinforced and the German CinC orders unit
chaplains and padres to hold weekly services that include a special rain
prayer. The weather is now the greatest ally for the Axis.

Tunisia – No movement.

Feb II 1943

Algeria – Long range weather forecasts indicate no change in the conditions,
much to the frustration of the Allied commander. He elects to continue to
drive the British forward in the coastal hills. Their superior numbers
overcome the Axis defenders, forcing them back to the town of Cherchell and
the German CinC confides to his AdC that he is becoming a bit worried with
the ongoing progress the British are having. (4:1 -2 mud, -1 rough = DR)
US forces still suffering tactical deployment and command issues, much to
the frustration of the Allied CinC.

Tunisia – No significant events. War correspondents apply for reassignment
to Algeria.

Algeria – In a slight tactical readjustment of the lines, the Axis pull back
their southern flank towards Orleansville, beefing up their defence strength
along the line. Berlin is furious and demands an immediate explanation.