Algeria – Another attack is launched in foul weather on the 133 Littorio by
six British units (5, 44HC, 51, 78 Inf XXs and 6 & 8 Arm XX), again with air
support. This time the strength of the allies is too great and the battered
Italians are forced to fall back after mauling their attackers. (6:1 -1
rough, -2 mud = EX). Further south the Americans launch their first
offensive against Axis units based around the command of the 2nd Pz XX. A
surprise commando attack by the Mechanised SAGE unit fails to aid the attack
and the 3rd XX with attached armour and artillery is roughly handled. The
retreating American units disappoints the formation commander resorts to
pistol whipping his retreating soldiers with his pearl handled revolver. He
is subsequently disciplined. (4:1 -2 mud = AR). In the follow up to this
series of battles, the British Tank units overrun the remnants of the 133
Littorio and swing towards Orleansville.

Tunisia – The frontline is reorganised to cover for the withdrawal of the
AIF, who are waved off by the CinC ME with a tearful farewell. Several tank
formations are rebuilt with the loan of US Armoured RPs. The defenders of
the Gabes Gap are not bothered by the Allies who send a task force of
motorised Greek and French units with the 2 Household Cavalry Regiment and
2nd Support X towards Nefta. Behind them, clanking along in trucks across
forbidding terrain is carried valuable supplies to support the planned
attack on the extremity of the Axis line. The HCR spends it days and nights
on its journey haw-hawing and drinking G&Ts while polishing their belt

Tunisia – No movement.

Algeria – Italian and German units gather at Tebes and the 101 Motorised
rebuilds at Tunis and marches into Algeria. A quick shuffle of units allows
an attack on US forces on the southern edge of the frontline . Lots of Axis
armour and air power hammers the US Battlegroup built around the units of
the 3rd XX. USAAF planes try and block the Luftwaffe from bombing the
ground troops but the battle omens poorly when in a surprise result, a lowly
Stuka flying ground support destroys a wing of P-40Ks flying interception.
The US forces are battered into the mud and the Allied commander is heard
muttering about the need for cadres. (3:1 -2 mud = EX)

Jan II 1943

Algeria – US Forces begin to rebuild at Oran while the British continue
their attack, this time against the 164th XX. This time the odds aren’t so
good and, combined with the weather, the British are routed by vigorous
counter-attacks. (3:2 -2 mud = AR)

Tunisia – An attack is launched at the Gabes line, but the results are as
expected. Heavy AA sees off most of the GS that got through the interceptor
net and as a result the battle is inconclusive (2:1 -1 fort = AS) Deep in
the desert, the Greeks and French launch their attack on Tozeur to try and
break the line but the Italian garrison is dug in and determined, well aware
of the potential results if the allies turn the line. The result is a
failure and the Guardsmen of the 2nd HCR blame the French. (1:1 = AS)

Tunisia and Algeria – Movement of troops into the frontline. The German
CinC begins to husband his forces.