In both Tunisia and Algeria the Allied CinC pauses to build up unit
strengths and reorganise his formations. Supplies are trucked into forward
dumps and airfields repaired and rebuilt. In a closed meeting, the Allied
CinC instructs his US unit commanders to pull their fingers and get their
units organised. Pearl handled revolvers are confiscated until this is

Mirroring his counterpart, the Axis frontlines are also prepared
for the oncoming good weather and battle. Supplies trucked in and plans

Mar II 1943

Again poor weather sets in, much to the disappointment of the
allies. One ray of sunshine, eager to get their sidearms back, the US
divisional commanders are finally able to form up fully their units. To
celebrate this event, the HQ of the 1st Armoured XX, CCC 2 and attached AT
IIs begin to swing south through the desert and mountains towards Boughari.
Something cunning appears to be planned by the Allies. A US Construction
unit begins to march towards Laghout.

Again the front is silent although a small all arms task force is
sent scuttling down the road into Boughari to block whatever nefarious
schemes the US are planning…..