Nov I

Allied – The 6th Indian XX is sent to Palestine to relieve the 2nd SA which returns to Egypt. At Suez, the 8th AS arrives, and with the 6th AS and 38th Ind X attacks into the swamps and canals against the 22 Glider XX at Port Said. Using rafts and locally commandeered fishing craft, the Germans slip away from the overwhelming Allied might to the island north of Damiatta. (5:1 -1 = DR). Meanwhile to the west, the 7th AS and 2nd NZ drive the paratroopers out of their positions in Damiatta to join the Glider regiments. (5:1 -1 = DR)

Axis – All that is written in the Italian CinC’s log for this time period is: “AS to Alamein. Spec Ops withdrawn. WASTE!” No doubt due to the pressure from Allied forces Goering determined it was no longer feasible to maintain his units in the Delta while the main thrust at Alamein had been thwarted. Obviously there were lots of tears and tantrums in the bunker that night. It is believed there was on going bombing of Malta also but the results are lost to history.

Nov II

Allied – The 9th Arm X and Indian 3 Mot X switch positions to maintain the NE Garrison and allow more armoured force in the main theatre. There is a mass build up of XXs behind the Alamein line – 6 infantry, 1 Armoured and a handful of various brigades and artillery units. Allied Fighter strength is rebuilt and supplies stockpiled just behind the main line. The Allied Commander is reported by Italian Intelligence as being seen in a Cairo brothel living it up with his staff and celebrating his forth coming victory. The Italian CinC is not amused.

Axis – The supply trucks work their wheels off getting AS to the front. Units are shuffled to try and get maximum ATEC/AECD. Malta is again bombed to bits by the air units based on Sicily.