Dec I

Allied – The third battle of Alamein begins with a massive attack by several Infantry XXs on the 21 PZ, 102 Mot and assorted odds and sods. Air support is massive from the Allied side, and there is little the Luftwaffe can do to contain them, suffering heavy losses in trying to do so. The battle goes poorly for the Axis who are able to inflict some losses on the infantry, but not nearly as much as was hoped for. (3:1 -2 AECD = HX).

In the exploitation phase, the Allied armoured units enter the vacated positions of the Axis and try to look as enticing as possible to the German armour just behind the line. (Ha – me attack at -4 ATEC, I’d have to be stupid!!)

Axis – Initial news at 10th Army Command in Matruh is bad – supplies are reported to have been sent to the bottom of the ocean by Malta based pirates. In response a massive raid inflicts 3 hits on the defenders. At Alamein, an all out counter offensive is launched to crush the Allies and drive on to destiny. Over the desert, more planes are flung into the repair shops or crash and burn on the desert floor as air superiority is contested. There appears to be no clear winner in the skies. On the ground, the coastal attack on the Allied armour fails badly with the troops fleeing in terror from the resolute defenders. (3:2 -4 ATEC, +2 AECA = AR – call me stupid.) South of this battle the majority of German and Italian Armour is engaged against some Australian and Indian units. Despite rough parity in strength, the armour gives advantage to the Axis and, in exchange for the finest armour in the desert, is successful in routing the defenders from their lines (3:2 +3 AECA = EX).

In the follow up phase, Pz cadres and the 101 Mech with attached riff raff advance to just south of Alamein, over running an empty fort and breaking the allied line – ahead of them is clear terrain until the Nile. The message is sent back to Matruh and there is great rejoicing and a round of medals for everyone. Cairo will be a Christmas present for Il Duce!

Dec II

Allied – Mustering all their forces, the Allies close their trap on the lead Axis force. Attacking from four directions (the southern most being blocked by the Qattara salt marshes), the Allies smash into the defenders who hold out for a short while before panic sets in and they try to flee from battle. Along their retreat path however are Allied patrols and artillery killing zones. Troops begin to surrender en masse and only the remnants of the 101 Mech make it through to some form of apparent safety (4:1 -3 ATEC +1 AECA = DR with ZOC all around).

Exploitation Phase. Italian tankers of the 101 Mech rest from the terrible ordeal they have just been through. They are caught by utter surprise when British tanks and armoured cars over run their hasty defence lines, and all are forced to join their comrades in captivity. (overrun by exploiting armour – boo hoo).

Axis – Disaster, utter disaster. With heavy heart, the retreat begins – airfields and airstrips are evacuated and destroyed by retreating units. The Matruh rail line is blown up and the remaining Panzer forces cover the retreating Italian infantry.