Oct I

Allied – More troops are placed in the Delta, blockading the airborne units, but no attacks are made by the allies. The Allied Commander ignores the furious pleas and demands from Whitehall and remains cucumber cool in the current crisis. The Cypriot Garrison is brought back to Alexandria, obviously there is no danger to the Allied CinC of further landings being made.

Axis – Malta is struck heavily by combined might of the Luftwaffe and Italian airforce. 3 hits are inflicted on the island for 1 Ju 88 destroyed. On the ground outside Alamein, another attack is launched, with another massive air battle occurring overhead. 350 Axis fighters escort 200 bombers and attack craft against 200 British fighters. Losses are heavy on both sides, but the Italian CinC’s handwritten notes of this episode record “Allied Airpower broken!!!” (The multiple exclamation points an example of his unravelling mind) The ground battle goes poorly again, and the valiant troops of fascism are forced back beyond their start lines. (2:1, -1 = AR) What is needed to break these colonials?

Oct II

Allied – Calmly the Allies rebuild the NZ 2nd HQ and a couple of British brigades. The last Aust. X’s arrive from the Near East and again reinforce the Delta blocking positions. No movement or attacks occur at Alamein. Obviously General “Iceman” is unruffled by anything the Axis can do….

Axis – The 2nd and 5th Pz XXs form up at Matruh and march to Alamein. The 101 Motorised converts to Mechanised and replacements are assigned to the Ariete and 21Pz XXs. The Axis units prepare for the final thrust into Alamein to join their brethren awaiting on the Nile, motors on tanks are revved up, smoke is laid down, march routes and timetables prepared. Then the dreaded report from the commissary arrives – no supplies available! Cursing at discovering the nearest supplies are back at Tobruk, the Axis are forced to wait… and wait.