The Grenadier # 19 - Cover

The Grenadier # 19 – Cover

Published October – December 1983
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2″


  • Editorial: Generally Speaking by Jeffry Tibbetts
  • War and Peace
    • The Grand Campaign by Jonathan Southard
    • Napoleon’s Blitz or Fortress France by Mark McLaughlin
  • Fall Blau An Unofficial DNO Variant: Part III by David S. Berry (Drang nach Osten)
  • Gettysburg: Fugue – The 20th Maine by David S. Bieksza
  • 9:00 by Jack Radey
  • Europa Notes: Euro-mania by Bill Stone
  • Solitaire Gaming: Red Army by Dan Schwan
  • Pass in Review: books on The Civil War by George Mead, Booksellor
  • Short Arms – Reviews in Brief
    • Crisis in the Ukraine by Centurion Games
    • Charge to Glory: The Battle of Newmarket by 3-C Publishers
    • Iron Brigade by Leonard Millman
    • Gazala 1942: The Clash of Armor by People’s War Games
    • The Red Storm by Yaquinto Games
    • Operation Badr by West End Games
    • Hell’s Highway by Victory Games