S, M, M, M, C & R & R

Axis Player Turn

A bundle of WK Garrisons are called out for service and form up a hastily constructed line from Chemnitz – Leipzig – Magdeburg – Hanover. Elsewhere troops pull into hedgehogs or man defences at the Ems River. The Sudenten mountains are defended and a sharp counterattack on British units east of Bayreuth pushes them back, giving a little bit more breathing space to the defenders. Nurnburg is declared a Festung and the loyal suicide troops swear undying loyalty to the Fuhrer.

In Norway the troops dig in confident the foul weather will stop the Allies.

Allied Player Turn

Around Leer several US attacks grind their way forwards with overwhelming odds but weather and fortifications around Onsabruck blunts the tip of the spear with an AS result. At Koblenz a multinational force led by the Brazilians inflict a DH result on the city’s defenders – the collaborator Belgian troops escape destruction and use the time to plan the post war European Union Bureaucracy. Gottingen falls to a DR while at Nordhausen, Bernburg, Halle, Altenburg and Chemnitz a mix of AS, DE and EX results are rolled. An attempt by the New Zealanders, Poles and French to break into Czechoslovakia is stalled in the rough terrain while Polish and Czech tank units, attempting to beat up an SS Training Brigade and Reserve XX are forced into an undignified retreat. Just to rub it in, a US attack south east of Linz results in an AE. At the Ljubjana Gap, the Americans attempt to push into Slovenia and force the defenders back 16 miles to a series of forts placed to defend the gap.

In the exploitation phase the Guards Corp pushes into Dessau, 32 miles from the German capital while American units overrun a training brigade in Bremen. The pincers are closing!