S, S, S, W, M, R, R

Axis Player Turn

There is a movement of large numbers of PzG and assorted C/M units to Italy, along with a number of Infantry XXs. The Allies aren’t unduly concerned at this, suspecting that the Germans are merely countering ongoing Allied build up in the Mediterranean. This belief is rudely broken when Panzer Armee Tedesci launches a sudden winter blitz on the British Corp defending the west coast. The lax Allied planning for the region allowed 16 mile gaps to appear in the defences that allows the HG and 24th Pz XXs to slide into the rear of the British. With only three USAAF fighters able to intercept or provide DAS, the Germans win temporary air supremacy. A 2:1 attack results in an EX with the resulting ZoC interference results in the loss of three British Infantry Divisions and Artillery Division. London is outraged and sacks the regional commander. This is ineffectual as the Germans exploit south through the winter weather to retake the Garigliano, overrunning an Indian engineer unit and a Construction brigade. Only the motorised Italian brigade in Naples remains to block the German resurgence.

Allied Player Turn

Galacia is snapped up by Portuguese forces and British units redeploy to San Sebastian. At Barcelona, the last hex is taken by French troops who capture Franco and his cabinet. Republican agents, trained in Moscow, threaten Franco until he agrees to an immediate cessation of hostilities with the Allies and orders Spanish troops to lay down their arms. The few that remain however are mostly stacked with German forces and are convinced to join up the Waffen SS who set about forming two Spanish XXs for the reconquista of Spain.

In Italy US forces quickly redeploy westwards to put some strength behind the Garigliano and protect Naples. Plans for landings around Toulon and Marseille are abandoned by Allied high command and the Polish forces scheduled for the landings start to arrive in Italy.