S, S, S, M, W, C, C

Axis Player Turn

Defences are built up in the Pyrenees and Barcelona defences are shuffled about, stripping Germans out of the city and leaving it defended by the Spanish forces in the region. “The Valencian Republican” reports this as an example of how Franco is allowing Spanish youth to be sacrificed for Hitler’s ambitions, “The Barcelona Bugle” retorts that Spain must hold its own against Godless Communist sympathisers. In Italy the Germans hold their positions but a couple more units are sent from North France to the Cote D’Azur.

Allied Player Turn

The Royal Navy and Regia Marina arrive off Barcelona. In reponse the Spanish Navy sorties to see them off. In a very short and sudden battle, the combined forces fleet sink and destroy 12 strength points of Spanish ships for the loss of 1 aged Italian cruiser and a RN battle cruiser. Very satisfying results. The Fleets then prepare for NGS to aid the assault by French and British forces who attack and seize western Barcelona in a 4:1 HX result. The Republican Government in Madrid is very concerned at the use of NGS in a populated area but its protests are largely ignored by the British.