Germans in Corsica slip back to the mainland while the remaining Italians take up positions in the mountains in the centre of the island and in Bastia. In Sicily the Germans flee for Messina and are just able to force the US units holding it out with a DR, much to the relief of the German CinC. Remaining Italian units struggle to reach the town but lack the leg power to do so. Sardinia girds itself for its fate.


Cagliari is attacked but an AS results. The northern end of the island is sprouting airfields at a rapid rate while in Corsica the troops take some time off to splash about in the Med and get a good suntan (forgot to move them, ooops!). In Sicily the US troops go crazy and slaughter everyone within reach by overruns, DEs or DR/ZoC losses. About a dozen or so Italian XX and assorted ants are wiped out. The destruction is so great I can’t help but feeling worried that it is going to catch up with me some time in the future. The German CinC goes into shock at the Italian losses but consols himself with the knowledge his Panzers are safe. At least until four British XXs land on the instep of the shoe south west of Catanzaro. This causes a bit of mild panic.