Troops are rushed down from central and northern Italy to block off the British threat, thankfully harrassment causes them to arrive strung out and unable to do little than contain the beachhead from the north. The Panzers at Messina cross to the main land and begin to pull out to the north, again delayed by allied air power. Italians are rushed to try and block the British from the south while a couple of pathetic AA units remain holding the Messina strait.


The British try and cut the toe off but are rebuffed by Italian defenders (damn their eyes!) and the US crosses over from Sicily, destroying the Italian defenders. The Near east and Middle east boxes are emptied of most troops who reform in North Africa. This puts the wind up the German CinC who spends some time looking at Spain. At Corsica, the all expenses paid holiday continues with the British actually shipping units off the island. (Admittedly for some French units, but as any good englishman will tell you they’re not really the same calibre). A couple of cowering coastal divisions in the corner of Sicily around Syracuse are ignored by the all conquering Americans.