1. Concerning the conduct of War No. 1

(issued Salamanca, Nov. 19th, 1936)

I. Situation Report

North Front:
Along the gobernitos we are mainly screening the loyalist forces. Except at locations
of strategic interest our strengh is inferiour to the enemy in terms of
numbers, nearly everywhere at a ratio of 1:2. Gijon itself is endangered,
should the Santanderos strive to liberate their former capital, as the
supply lines into the city are only halfway covered.

East Front:

Our second offensive to relieve Zaragoza has failed, the city remains cut off, as
long as the muddy weather continues. The proposal of Gen. Joachito to fly
in supply by air seems not really realistic, considered the few machines
servicable. The supplys within the city are nearly used up, and as our
ammunition situation is critical we cannot thinkl of another relieve attempt
in this year. It might be possible to hold the city itself if we concentrate
on defendig the city parameter instead of the lines of communications.
Air support will provide critical for this venture. Hovever, Zaragoza is
the last block in the Loyalist rail line from north to south, and may as
well prove critical to our complete war effort.

Central Front:

Due to the weather and the difficult and rugged terrain it may well be possible
that we get pushed from the mountains into the plain, which would increase
our difficulties of maintaining a continuous line here. The proximity of
Madrid allows the Loyalists to reinforce endangered sectors at will.

South Front:

The anarchists in Malaga are short of surrendering the city, as the last stocks of supply
are running low. Cordoba will hold out some weeks more, but neither did
the Loyalists manage to bringh trough any kind of supply, nor is there
any chance of relief. However, the two siege corps will be badly needed
at the front line, where the Loyalists are enjoying a comfortable superiority
in numbers.

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