Axis player Turn

Mussolini’s vision of a new Roman Empire is given birth on the rocky slopes of the Pindus Mountains as the might of the Italian Army begins its march to Athens. The immediate targets are Ioannina and the western coastal strip. In the mountains the Alpini divisions and supporting Infantry rabble are held by a stubborn Greek Mountain defence (AS) of the 9th Division and 42nd Ev Regiment. Along the coast the Greek 8th Division is shattered but not before taking its toll on the tanks and armoured vehicles of the 131 Centauro Division with Infantry support (HX). The object of the drive in this region is Egoumenitsa.

Allied Player Turn

In Athens, the call to arms goes out. Troops hurriedly report to their designated depots and march bravely to the front line in the Pindus Mountains. The Metexas Line is manned to prevent the Bulgarians getting uppity about Thrace and a series of blood curdling speeches are made about drenching the Albanian valleys with Italian blood. To show their resolve, the Greeks High command launches a fierce attack on Koritsa across the border. Unfortunately the Italian and Albanian defenders are well dug in and the Greeks are sent reeling back beyond their start line (AR). Hanging his head in shame, the Greek commander sulks for a bit.