Turn 11 Jan I 1937

(C=Winter D=Mud)

The desperate need for
some military sucesses leaads to a small but effective plot: the huge amount
of artillery shuipped in as Italian aid this turn lets us form the first
Artillery brigade, and this, together with elements of the arriving Italian
Volunteer Corps, assaults and captures Gion within a few days, as the Loyalist
fleet is unable to lend ist full support to the defenders tue to the bad
weather (storm). The fall fo the city [5:1 -1 HX] reel waves of terror
through the Northern rebel provinces as the Asturian gobernito government
flees the country. Along the hills north of thre Tejo valley, we secretly
start assembling our armored forces and the elite regiments of the Legion
Entrangere. From here, we plan to push north-eastwrd once the mud ceases,
to once and for all end the Loyalist threat to cut our territory in two.

Unaware of the dangers
looming in the rugged hills south of them, more Loyalist troops push down
the valley as the victors of Zaragoza rejoin the front. At Vitoria, the
Loyalists mass their tanks for the first time in this conflict and eliminate
some delaying forces north of the city. They are now threatening the communications
to the city, as well as advancing along the north-southern rail line. Over
the vicinity the air forces contest their strenghs for the first time,
and despite heroic efforts of the Nationalist fighters our air force recieves
a crushing defeat [1x bmbr killed, 1x bmbr abort, no Insrgent losses].

Losses: Ins: 4 Inf, 2

Air Loy: 2 Inf

Turn 12 Jan II 1937

(D=Winter C=Clear)

Although we`ve been hoping
for clear wether all time we have no yet finished our offensive preperations,
as the ad roadnet as well as our grim situation prevented us from assembling
any strategic reserves. So we hurry up reinforcements to the front and
build up strengh on the southern part of the Tejo river.

The Loylists rush the
forces that guarded the cut-off division to the front. However, due to
a lack of attack supply they do not commence any offensive actions. Fornt
line strength is now between two in some mountain areas and 6 or 7 throughout
the rest of the country, with 10 north of Vitoria.

Losses: Ins: 0 Loy: 0

Turn 13 Feb I 1937

(D=Winter C=Clear)

Although the weather
remains favorable the commitment of new Loyalist forces to the Tejo sector
makes an attack still suicidal. We continue to build up strengh and shift
more tropps from the north around Gijon to the Vitoria area. the Italian
Volunteer Corps parades through Sevilla and them heads for the front, carrying
its own supplies with it. We reinforce Cordoba, a sector which so far was
absurdly weak and is now defended by a division.

The Loyalists rail their
two strike corps south and prepare another offensive, whis time thrusting
northward east of Madrid. Our troops are cleared of the mountains and forced
to withdraw into the plain with heavy losses.

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