Initial Phase: The units in 2412 are out of supply and become U-1.

Franco and his government are now in immediate danger. In order to avoid capture, they leave what is left of Madrid and relocate to Sevilla. Spanish Army units experience widespread confusion amongst their troops as the news filters through. All their combat strengths are halved for the remainder of the turn.

5 British fighters have been uncrated and become operational at Sevilla. 5 British ARPs are also received, giving a total of 6. The British also call Force H into Operation. 1 Task force and a Carrier group appear at Gibraltar. Spain finally receives 3 ARPs. 1 is used to bring back an I-16/t10 at Cordoba. In other production, a resource point appears at Sevilla.

Spain also receives 3 Inf RPs in mainland Spain, plus 0.5 in the Canaries (making 1) and 0.5 Colonial Inf RPs in Spanish Morocco (total now 1). Valencia is isolated and therefore produces no RPs this turn. 4 RPs are used (4.5 remain) to replace 3 Heavy AA regiments and the 41st Artillery regiment. The artillery comes on at Malaga, while the AA regiments appear in Cordoba.

All the German long range bombers go on Naval Patrol duty. 3 German fighters in the newly captured 2710 hex of Madrid fly CAP over Madrid 2711. Also, 3 Me110Cs from Zaragoza fly CAP over Valencia. Spanish partisans target rail lines in hexes 33:3632, 33:3522 and 23A:3503. Again, 2 out of 3 attacks succeed, although the one in 3503 is disrupted by German patrols.

Movement Phase: 2 Spanish Naval transports from Cadiz and one from Malaga relocate to Gibraltar, under the protection of the significant AA stationed there. Portuguese units do not move, but nervously eye the border.

3 British fighters attempt to transfer into Valencia from Sevilla. They are confronted by 3 German ME110s flying CAP over the city, which convert to patrol attack. However, the German air units are unable to impede the missions and all fighters land safely.

The 21st and 41Exp Infantry divisions that have been cut off in the mountain pass at 2412 try to extricate themselves by heading southwest to 2515. Due to the difficult terrain in the area, this is as far as they can move this turn. Next to Madrid, the remnants of the 13th and 23rd divisions cross the Jarama river into 2811. This will make at least one German stack attack Madrid over the river from 2810.

In Ceuta, the Colonial Tdl Infantry regiment and the I/Tdl and IV/Tdl Infantry battalions assemble to form a 3-6* Colonial Infantry regiment. Also, in 3622 the 2O and 1E Colonial Cavalry regiment form into the Mar Cavalry brigade. (Both conversions permitted as per published errata).

In Spanish Morocco, the ZMO Engineer regiment constructs a temporary airfield in Tetuan. From Jerez de la Frontera, the 1st and 4th Construction regiments head south via admin movement to Gibraltar, across the Straits ferries, and into Tangier.

Combat Phase: No combat

Exploitation Phase: The Spanish combat fleet joins up with Force H and they all sail to 3903. They then spend 90MPs preparing for Naval Gunfire support in defense of the city. The movement triggers reaction attempts by Axis units on Naval Patrol. 3 bombers from Valladolid catch a glimpse of smoke on the horizon but they are unable to spot the Allied fleet.

End of Turn Summary

One hex of Madrid fell but the second one is still a challenge for the Germans. The arrival of Force H has thrown the plans of a quick attack on Valencia into disarray. Unless the weather turns bad the Germans will have to fly most of their air force down there to deal with the Allied Fleet. With defensive NGS the city will be very tough to crack, so some damage must be done to the Task Forces. 5 British fighters will not make the task any easier either. Present planning will not see Valencia fall until the end of August. In the north, the final capture of Madrid will free up significant forces to move towards the Gibraltar perimeter.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 0
  • Spanish Air – 0
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 0