Oct II saw very little ground combat with the Russians losing six factors
and the Germans none.  A series of EX’s and HX’s in Nov I, however, saw the
Russians lose 48 factors, mainly infantry, and the Germans 44.  It is mud
everywhere right now, except in weather zone A where it is snow.  Here is the
breakdown by Army Group:

AGN: The Germans attacked the Russian Battleships in Kronstadt with a vengeance
Oct II and the Russian Fighter Command rose to the challenge only to lose
4 shot down and 6 aborted (out of 11) for a loss to the Germans of one
shot down.  The next turn, the Germans bombed the ships again in the face of
max flak and lost six bombers aborted and one shot down.  At the end of
all this, one battleship has 2 hits and the other one three.  On the ground,
the Germans picked up two more hexes as they slog towards Leningrad
and suffered two EXs on the way.

AGC: Rail repair units are working overtime to bring supply back to the spearheads
which are currently living off of numerous truck supply units.
The Germans attacked and pushed the Russians back from about four hexes
and had an EX and a HX in the process.

AGS: Not much as mud finally hit down south.  The Soviets abandoned Sevastopol,
but, on the whole the Germans were so far out of supply that they may
have to pull back.

In other words, not much happens in the mud.  :-)