Oct 38

Political Events

After exhausting negotiations between Kwangtung authorities and KMT officials, the renegade warlord of the region agrees it is in the nations best interests to return to a cooperative relationship, allowing overseas supplies to once again flood up the railway to Central China and the remaining Chinese naval units to seek refuge in Canton.

Japanese Player Turn

Newly arrived light divisions (welcome additional strength points at last!) are sent to Chekiang to snap up Ningpo and Shaohsing. The Formosa Mtn XX is sent to Yungkia and breaks out of the long established perimeter to drive the defending MSF units out of the mountains surrounding the city and begin a drive to link up with northern units, led by the KS Cav XX. In Anhwei, a major drive is launched on the No Name river line, and a bridgehead across is achieved, but again at terrible cost (EX).

Chinese Player Turn

Reinforcements (again trashy unsptd 1-4 XX’s) are rushed to the No Name River, but the added difficulty of supplying these forces hampers a defence in this region. In Chekiang, MSF units try to flee the Lt XX’s and the onrusing Form Mtn XX, but are caught short of reasonable defensive positions.