August and September 1938

Political Events

China is rocked as the fabric of its society continues to unravel as the barbarous Japanese advance continues. With the govt moved from Nanking, people continue to lose faith in the KMT rule and the Level drops to 2. In September this is compounded by the MSF succumbing to internal agitation and becoming uncooperative, obviously due to the remoteness of the KMT govt in far off Hankow.

Japanese Player Turn

Nanking falls early in August, a triumphant march through the city by the conquering forces is tempered by the fact many lives have been lost wading through the rice paddies in atrocious weather. Hofei and Hangchow fall soon after and there is a pause in operations as units are brought up to strength, unfortunately there are not enough RPs available and the recruitment pool in Japan is exhausted. Any losses from this period on will not be easily replaced. A Puppet administration is set up in Nanking. In Chekiang, the unhorsed 9/5 Mtn X and KS Cav XX are brought in to help a small force of brigades and regiments take the remaining MSF cities in the province.

Chinese Player Turn

CA forces are railed in to Kinhwa in Chekiang and retreating MSF forces tear up rail lines around Shaohsing and Ningpo before taking up positions around and behind defensive terrain, again emphasis is on the defence. At the Hangpu River and the No Name River line, forts are dug and units placed behind in reserves, protecting the last line before the easy terrain to the south of the Yangtze is available for operations by the Japanese.