March 38

Political Events

Despite the defection of bandits to the Japanese invaders, the country retains confidence in the existing adminstrations handling of affairs to date and the country remains at level 4. In Shansi, the newly appointed Peace Preservation Administration of Shansi survives the crisis of loosing two cities in its south and the reports of widespread execution of Loyal Shansi Military Officers and Government officials which threatens recruitment of troops to the newly planned Shansi Peace Preservation Army.

Japanese Player Turn

In Kiangsu, the last hex of Shanghai falls as the Japanese steam roller also seizes Soochow, Chaihsing and Sieng Chiang. Divisional units of the 2nd Army are sent to take Tungshan and drive south towards Pengpu. During the month a lot of Chinese units are destroyed.

Chinese Player Turn

In Shansi Luifen is taken from the treacherous dog soldiers of the bandit warlord, elsewhere reinforcements are fed into the frontline. Units are manouvered to prepare for the destruction of the Hwang Ho dams (Kwo River line and hexes just back from expected path of the new river are filled with troops. Around Nanking lots of CA units (unfortunately many no better than rifle armed rabble) are entrenched in forts, awaiting the coming Japanese. The plan is to hold out until the rice growing season begins.