Feb II 38

Japanese Player Turn

Shansi and Hopei Puppet govts established, which with Shantung allows North China Govt to be established in Peking. (Inner Mongolian Govt is already established) In Kiangsu, the 9/5 Mtn and KS Cav XX are stuck in the rice paddies around Kaoyou and west of Tasung Hu. This situation will last for several weeks as a lot of AS and AR results are rolled due to the favourable CA terrain. Around Anyang, the 1st and 2nd XXXX’s crush a lot of Chinese units but more remain behind them, and local Japanese forces are becoming demoralised with the lack of progress compared to the advances of late 1937. Around Shanghai, the last CA held urban hex is nearly surrounded, Japanese calls for the defenders to surrender peacefully are ignored as the German trained units recognise that holding the SEF for as long as possible will delay the inevitable march to Nanking and beyond.

Chinese Player Turn

Puchow and Luan are taken from Bandit forces, local MNF commanders behead and shoot many captured bandits in the two cities as a warning to all of the consequences of treachery against Sun Yat Sen’s three principles and the nation that enshrined it. Elsewhere little happens as reinforcements are marched into existing defence lines